I take 1 x mirapexin 0.52mg delayed action tablet first thing in the morning together with 3 x 100mg/25mg madopar capsules in the hope that they will "kick in" before I start work at 7:30am. However I have been caught out recently and it has taken longer than the usual hour I give it to take effect which has caused me great anxiety never mind the embarassment when fellow co-workers think you have been drinking!

Anyone got any tips or advice?

That is a fairly high dose of Madopar. Do you take it on an empty stomach half an hour before food with a glass of water? This should click in after 30-45 mins. There is an alternative you could ask for: Madopar dispersible that works quicker. Crushing tablets sometime helps too, but you say your Madopar are capsules?
In my case I take 3 tablets of 62,5mg Sinemet on an empty stomach in the morning and very reliably I feel them clicking in 25-30 mins later.

Hello every one i haave only been on meds for a short while so am not used to side affects yet i taake REQUIP XL and Domperidone on the information sheet with Domperidone it says they should only be taken for a short while , 12 weeks please can anyone tellme if they have taken these tablets and how long they have tken them for.Thank you Take Care

Hi Chris

I was diagnosed in March this year and was put on Mirapexin and domperidone (for nausea). I have been on both ever since.
My neuro has said it is fine to carry on taking domperidone as long as i need to.

Hope that helps


hello chris, I have been taking Domperidone for 2 years. My neuro wrote to my GP saying that I should stay on it as I had low tolerance to pd meds.
So, although the patient information leaflet states that Domperidone should only be taken for a limited time, it would really seem to depend upon whether or not you need it.
Hope this helps
Best wishes

Hi Chris. I was dx 2 years ago and was also prescribed domperidone. At the beginning I took it regularly 3 times a day but as I got used to my meds my GP and neuro told me that it would be OK to take them as and when required. I've not had any problems following this advice. Hope this helps.