How effective is your medication in controlling Parkinson’s?

I fear mine is becoming l and less so.

I reckon that two 25/100mg Co-careldopa only gives me two hours relief from the symptoms now. And the more active I am the sooner it is used up. A brisk twenty minute walk round my block and the dopamine tank, so to speak, is empty. And sometimes it doesn’t work at all., or just enough to take the edge of shaking, shuffling and weakness.

Is this the experience of others?

Hi Dolphin
I am just wondering if you are taking enough medication. I am currently taking 3x 62.5 mg of Madopar 4 times a day at 4 hourly intervals and 2x 100mg control release capsules at night. Even with that I have terrible stiffness and a very dodgy left leg. Sometimes I don’t know what ‘OFF’ time really is, I don’t seem to feel any different whether I miss a dose or not. Maybe you should reassess your intake of medication. I wish you well

Hi @boomerang83 and @dolphin,

I just wanted to chime in here to advise you both to speak to your GP and/or healthcare team as they may need to review your dosage or prescribe something in addition to your current medication if what you’re taking isn’t being effective.

If you’d like more support on this or help with what to ask your GP, please feel free to contact our helpline team on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,