Hi im New, im 61 and diagnosed with PD approximately 3 years ago, they started me on Madopar a few months after diagnosis, they told me im on a childs dosage, im on 350mg a day, at which point does dosage increase because i feel it progressing, tremors both hands , weak left leg, wobbly balance and depression is also a problem plus absolutely exhausted all the time, used to go gym every week but haven’t got energy any more.

Hi Metaldad,
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Hi Metaldad,

You need to talk to your consultant or Parkinson’s nurse and they will increase you medications or change them. There is not a set time for increasing medications, it’s all done on symptoms. It sounds like you need more.

hope you feel better soon,

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What is child’s dosage, I didn’t think pd affected children even early onset. Anyway I was on 375mg and now on 500mg as symptoms were getting worse, now better, so speak to your consultant as pogg suggests, should help things.

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Sorry meant podd not pogg.

Hi thanks for the message, i was confused when my neurologist said that, because i asked him around a year ago about Dosage and he said it can go up to 2000mg if required , im seeing him next month ill ask him, its been a year since ive seen him because they cancelled my appointment in October 23.

My consultant said I could go up to 750mg a day but if I took more I would be more susceptible to side effects from the medication, so then he would prescribe an alternative medication. Anyway they all say different things and I can’t be sure we’re on the same medication. Still you need to check with your neurologist and I hope it all turns out for the best

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Some people have found intermittent fasting and the keto diet works well :thinking: