My wife is on Sinemet and cocareldopa - but has not seen neuro for almost a year.
I am amazed at how many different drugs there are for PD - is it best to have a review?
She has very little mobility and needs help with feeding - is it best to leave things as they are?
My wife is in hospital since Saturday with jaundice but is much improved and hopes to return to her nursing home tomorrow or next day.

Hi jackmin,
It might help to have a chat with one of our Parkinson's nurses on the helpline. They can help you determine whether it might be time for a review.

You can reach them at 0808 800 0303.

Hope it helps,

Hi ezinda.
Have left message for Parkinsons nurse regarding review - thanks for the suggestion.
Pleased to say Minnie (my sweetheart wife) is now back in nursing home and is much better.
Have to say care in this home is better than the hospital - where the staff were run off their feet poor souls.
Nice to hear from you.

My 82 year old mom was diagnosed with PD about a year ago. A few months prior to that - she had an ischemic stroke caused by clot in her brain (and atrial fibrilation).
I thought that her problems with walking and other issues were due to the stroke. We visited a neurologist who diagnosed her with idiopatic PD. She prescribed Madopar 125mg three times a day. A couple of days later even before we started giving her Madopar - I took her to another neurologist for the second opinion. Sure enough she diagnosed her with PD but she said a big NO to Madopar! Instead she prescribed Amantidine that apparently does not have dyskinesia as a side effect.
Hmmm what a big confusion! However, my mom took Amantidine for about 3 weeks but did not feel any better. The neurologist told her to continue with this medicine and that it will get better eventually. Then I made a big research about both medications and found out that the combination of the both is the best, so Amantidine supposed to prevent or at least help with dyskinesia while Levodopa in Madopar will help improving the symptoms of PD.
Does anyone here has an experience in using both medication together?