I think my grandad is flushing his medication down the toilet.

Found a white tablet yesterday morning in his toilet basin (think its the allopurinol) and reminents of white tablets which would be his aspirin, frusemide and other heart meds. He takes his parkinsons medication if I am there as I put them in his hand and watch him. The carers promt him to take his medication and his response is always Ive already taken them.

I have questioned him on if hes taking his medication correct, or having problems taking them and he says hes fine.
I just dont know what to do.:frowning:
IF HE isnt taking his parkies meds then is he having difficulty getting about? Thats one way to tell. If he isnt taking his frusemide then does he have swollen legs? is he breathless? could u talk to doc and find out things like that? sunray