My husband has pd he can sometime take his tablets late if he's at work may be an hour or so he can do this quite often can this happening make his symptoms worse for 3 weeks he's suffered with cramps in his arm hand like a claw he holds a juggling ball to help his hand, and his tremor is worse  is it due to being stupid with his meds or is it progression we have left a message for our nurse specialist in hull X 

Hi jo h, I've only been taking meds since September and initally took them at night with no effect at all. PD nurse advised morning time better. I've found out on the forum it's best to take meds either one hour before food or one hour after. It seems to work. I'm on low dose Ropinerol, slow release. Don't know if this helps. DivineR

I take my meds every 2hrs I've set my alarm clock on my mobile phone, i would contact pd nurse or gp also there is pduk helpline


Nurse got in touch said as we all know it's time sensative and when you miss or mess them about it can have adverse effects and also updated his sinimet as he's only taking half of the lowest dose so let's see what happens thank you for your replys xx

You should notice a difference with sinemet it's the oldest and best it's the gold label of pd meds, also if he as trouble moving around at night time you can get slow release also if he goes to bed at say 10pm take his last tablet at 8pm, if he takes tablet when he goes to bed he will find it very hard to sleep as he will come On be wide awake hope this helps. Every tablet as a 4hr window half an hour to start working 3hrs on time half an hour wearing off if he takes 8am next 12pm .Some people aďd one in middle say 10am being 62.5mg, then higher one 8am and 12pm 125mg sinemet. A lot of it is trial and error only he will know how is body feels.There's always someone on this site if need help


Thank you for your comments gus it's 6 years since he was diagnosed and it's all trial and error have you any tips to help him sleep , he's tried sleeping tablets he's like a zombie he's never in bed before 4 am and he's always knackered bloody parkinsons xx he says he's tired but his brain won't shut down x


what time is he taking last medication !


Hi he takes his last meds at 8 pm he will take half a sinimet lowest dose and a tryhexiphendle X but never sleeps we know it's part of it all xx


In America you can buy Melatonin over the counter to help sleep.

It's a natural hormone and has no side effects that I know off.

You can get it here on prescription.

I always stock up when in America and all my family use it when they can't sleep.Works really well.

Worth a try!



Sorry to hear as a problem sleeping i was just the same i am on zopiclone sleeping tablets they work well for me. I am going to have a search on net gg now sounds good

Sorry to hear as a problem sleeping i was just the same i am on zopiclone sleeping tablets they work well for me. I am going to have a search on net gg now sounds good

Just had a search yes you can buy them her what mg do you get selling around ten pound mark.

Just had a look on ebay there is loads of them àm guessing the purple bòttle are the best just need advice on on mg for my wife cheers gg

I used to fly longhaul alot. Lots of my colleagues used melatonin with no side effects. Obviously watch timings of when you take it.




Please check with trained medical staff before taking any product .   There is some evidence on the net that this can cause a raise in serotonin level which can be at its extreme life threatening.  It may be ok for one person but not another natural products are not always  safe to use in conjunction with other meds. Also be careful about purchases from the internet only buy tablets when you are sure they come from a reliable source.  Sorry to be a damp squid !,


Hi all,

As TeeHee mentions above please do talk to your doctor or nurse before taking any supplements, incase there are any interactions with medications you're already taking or possible side effects.

You can also give us a call on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our nurses if you're thinking of trying a supplement or struggling with symptoms.

Best wishes,

Joanne - Digital team.