Medications side effects and working

hi i may have the early signs of parkinsons disease i am still under investigation …
My main question are the the vast aamount of tablets people on here are takiing per day . particularly sinemet plus . Do you guys experience side effects and also do you work full time . as normal . Has it caused you to give up work .

Hi i take sinemet twice a day i dont get side effects and yes i drive for a living but my symptoms are tremor sinemet gives me no relief

I was diagnosed in February (I think I’m at the early stages of PD) and take sinemet twice a day but am still working as a project manager - so spend most of my day sitting down.

Hi @whitts99
Firstly welcome to the forum :sunglasses:
I am happy to share my journey with mr parky, but do please remember that how it effects a person is different for us all.

I started on very low dosage of parkinsons medication and as symptoms developed o we time this was increased and more medications were added and some had dosage increased. With the medication and reasonable adjustments, (when they became essential), I continued to work normally for 4 years, I then agreed to a sideways move meaning I was an office / Homebase worker for approx 2 more years.

I have severe spinal issues from a work related injury in 1985 and that combined with mr parky finally ended with my employer taking me down the ill health retirement line in late 2021. I took ill health early retirement in September 21 nearly 6 years after initial dx of mr parky. However I do stress this is my journey. I have a close friend who has a very senior role who was dx 12 years ago who is still working full time.

Each of us are different and my biggest advice I can give is take each day as it comes. Stop (if you are) using search engines for parky and instead use PUK, NHS and forums like this one for advice. PUK has an excellent set of resources and an excellent helpline. I strongly encourage you to use both.

Good luck in your journey with mr parky, if that is your dx, and keep coming back to the forum for open friendly minds, who will let you know their journeys and usually provided sound advice.
Best wishes John :sunglasses:


My husband was formally diagnosed when he was 67 (although we had been trying for a diagnosis for 3 years). He was still working full time (office based as an Electrical Engineering consultant) commuting on a 50 min train journey to London. The sinemet and other drugs he was prescribed actually helped him tremendously he regained something of himself and was great to see. He used to walk (about 20 mins) to the station in the mornings. He continued to work until he was 74, his choice. He said all the time his brain could remain focused and he was able to still produce wanted work he’d continue. He had a couple of falls, one tripped up stairs at London station that decided for him was time to stop.
As others have said everyone is different, with regard side affects they were minimal some nauseous and slightly headiness when first used (snd also experienced when doses were changed) but quickly wore off.
Good luck

As others have said, everyone reacts so differently to the medications, and we react so different to the disease there’s no one size fits all approach. My advice would be , sure do research, but don’t stress over side effects. Try it and see. I was really keen to use the neupro patches and though most tolerate it well i had a horrific time on them, complete lack of energy, apathy, insomnia, nausea, etc. I just couldn’t function on them. However, sinemet, which I was worried about starting, I had zero side effects apart from my quality of life improving.