Hi i have been taking sinemet 12.5/50 3×a day for the last few wks i dont get any benefit at all i find this medication does not work for me at all what is the next step ? Got appointment with pd nurse Thursday 1st appointment with her or him but i have noticed while ive been on this medication i ache mainly around waist on my back like ive been bending over a bonnet of a car for too long and numbness in hands in a morning
Some times when i wake up so strange does anybody else get this effect from sinemet

Medication is not an exact science in Parkinson’s what works for one can be a miserable failure for someone else and there is often an element of trial and error to establish optimum dose, timings etc. I think it would be helpful if you could try and keep a detailed record for a few days - and I personally find this hard to do partly because I find it boring, partly because it makes me feel like Parkinson’s has the upper hand which is at odds with what I generally think and partly because the act of writing or typing can be a faff. I do however recognise it can be helpful in identifying patterns which may help to inform the best medication options for you eg do you ache all the time or does it come and go (note times, duration etc) it is also worth noting your mood etc in fact any detail that comes to mind, it may help you at your meeting with the PD nurse. If you wish before going to your appointment you may like to try reading over your notes, do this several times and you will probably find a few common themes emerging such as better and worse time of day and you can use these headings or themes to summarise your detailed record. I hope your meeting with the PD nurse is productive with or without a record and try not to lose heart, this regime doesn’t suit hopefully another will.