My husband (77) was diagnosed, with PD, in August 22. Since then he has been on Madopar 25mg/100mg capsules, starting at 3 times a day, then after about 6 months increased to 4 times a day. The only benefit he seems to have is that the tremor in his right hand has stopped. He continues to have fuzzy head, back pain, very unstable on his legs, sleeps a lot during the day, feels exhausted all the time. He also takes Naproxen for his back pain, Symvastatin, Adeziem and paracetemol. His GP has taken him off Ramipril for now but he hasn’t improved. Have to see the GP again in two weeks. No one has suggested trying any other medication for his PD. Not sure if we should ask about trying other medication.

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Thank you for sharing this with us and I’m sure members of the community will offer their support soon. However; in the interim, I would advise that you share your concerns with your husband’s GP at his next appointment as they may need to review his medication again and look into other alternatives. Parkinson’s affects everyone differently so sometimes it can take a while to get the right dosage/type of medication right.

This can be quite overwhelming and difficult to discuss, so if need more supprt on this to equip you with the right questions to aks, please feel free to contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 to discuss this in more detail.

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Thank you for the information. I will contact our regional PD nurse next week to see if she would consider changing the medication before seeing our GP in 2 weeks time.

Hello FranH i would say always ask. Medication is so important to Parkinson’s but getting it right isn’t always easy. Never hesitate to ask