Medicinal Cannabis - Brainwashing On An Industrial Scale


Hi all

This is a link to my vlog about medicinal cannabis.




Totally agree, nice to see you on channel 4 aswell


chemical companies are legalized drug dealers


What about non medical Cannabis oil? Available from health shops. Have you a view?


Brilliant piece of work I can see how frustrated and angry you feel and I am with you every step of the way.
Cannabis has so many therapeutic qualities and I really need to learn more about the detail.
It never fails to amaze me how we take what the government, media and in some cases medical professionals say as gospel…please please people get out there research and come to your own conclusions.
This very poor attempt at making Cbd oil available on prescription has been hyped up to make those responsible look like saviours what a crock of sh** sorry to say. I will endeavour to find some links to post re’ strengths of Cbd oil to make a difference which will vary from condition to condition and person to person. Please do not rely on this proposed government crap you can purchase Cbd oil and search benefits etc etc on line it will take some sifting but anything worth while often does and not everyone will find it beneficial. Just lastly to say Cbd oil from health shops in the uk is not really worth the bottle its in. Hopefully will get back with some more info


Good quality, potent CBD oils can be useful, although I find that I need some THC as well. Many (or most) CBD oils are not strong enough to have a noticeable effect, and they are eye wateringly expensive. CBD Brothers appear to be a reputable company, and their oils get good reviews.


Hi Ian, We have communicated before… Please bear with me if this posting gets in a mess but I shake so violently I have difficulty controlling the mouse and keyboard. So far so good. I am confused by your unguarded reference to the use of THC which I understand to be an illegal substance. Am I missing something and is it possible to acquire CBD Oil containing THC legally? Or are you just challenging the outdated Laws?
Kind Regards, Gerrard


Hi Gerrard

In theory you should now be able to be prescribed cannabis based medicines in the UK which contain THC. In practice it’s almost impossible to access, hence my latest vlog! So yes, I am challenging a law that is outdated, unjust and downright cruel.