Medicine taking

i am recently diagnosed and on an increasing dose of sinemet (soon to be 3 a day) how is it best to space the tablets during the day and should I avoid meal times ?
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I am surprised that the doctor didn't tell you when to take the tablets, but from my husband's experience it is always best to avoid meal times or take them at least twenty minutes before a meal so that they can get into the system before protein as they will work better that way. My husband has had PD for thirty years and is still only sixty nine so you have plenty of time to get things right. The main thing is that you manage your drug regime well as that will play a huge part in how effective they are and give you the best quality of life. I am sure you will hear from some other forum members shortly in the mean time welcome and best wishes
Hi oilman. My partner has Sinemet Plus and takes them at 8.30, 12.30 and 16.30 with a drink of water or being him just chews them!!! He rarely has a problem remembering the first 2 but has his phone alarm and the computer set to remind him of the 3rd. We both have phone alarms set for the 22.30 Half Sinemet CR!!!
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If your husband is on sinemet he should never chew them they are coated and should be taken whole, they will work better and should last a bit longer too. I would check with the pd nurse as I am sure I am right on this, my husband has had PD for thirty years and I have dealt with his medication, he is on hourly sinemet from 6am-11pm as well as other medication.
You can buy a pill box which has a timer on and you can set it for however long you want, do look on the web as there are many types.
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