Meds and side effects

Hi all,

Couple of questions, forgive me if asked before.

I am on Rotigotine patches 12mg. Just read the info sheet that comes with them and it says max dosage 8mg??? should I be worried?

Also on trihexyphenidyl 3mg a day but take only 2.

With the patches I struggle not to use the same spot twice within 4 weeks, the areas they can be used is small and the plaster are big. Shaving my legs now to find new spots. Was getting a lot of chest discomfort when applied to upper body.

Couple of things that worry me are;

1. Sunken veins in my effected hand, normally accompanied by pain.
2. The opposite swollen vein's between my knuckles on both hands.
3. Swollen right hand which is the useless hand.
4. Walking is now an effort sine taking trihex I think

Are these common?

anybody out there????????
So sorry you haven't received a reply yet, Scan. I'm afraid I have had no experience of the medication you mention, so I can't be of any help.

I'm sure someone will reply to you soon.
Scan I'm sorry too but no experience of that either, but hopefully someone will help you.If not try calling the helpline at the top of the page,I wish you all the best on getting an answer to this dreadful problem.
i found these

which say 8mg is max for early pd and 16mg for late pd. Perhaps your pharmacist can check his pharms book?

i dont think many people on the forum use this drug.
Hi Scan
Am currently using 12mg patches, started on 2mg 4years ago when first diagnosed and gradually increased to current dosage. They were my only medication until a year ago when sinemet 62.5mg was prescribed as well.
No side effects and when applied after shower good adhesion and so far no skin irritation. Hope this helps.
Good luck