Meds causing more side effects

Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with pd 3 years ago, all was fine till sinemet not working as well. Was tried with Stelevo but it gave me bad stomach and also terrible dystonia in right foot, put me back on sine met but gave me opicapone which did extend the sinemet slightly and has helped the dystonia but feel a little sick with it but now the opicapone has given me dyskinesia, so now I have been told to take Amantadine which is yet another tablet I was told that’s all for dyskinesia. I also take a slow release to help me sleep. I feel I need to reverse and try get back to just sinemet and try something else for dystonia has anyone done this before? Also I have been reading the wim hoff method of breathing has helped with pd anyone done this , and did it help?

Hi @Bee1 and welcome to our friendly forum. You’ll find the members here very supportive and I’m sure some of them will relate to side effects like yours.

Of course, it’s very important that you discuss all your medication options with your doctor or Parkinson’s nurse. Every change needs to be considered and sometimes it’s a question of modifying the dosage or frequency. These things can take time to finely tune and along the way your condition can change and this means everything needs to be reevaluated. It sounds like you might be in that position now.

Focussing on breathing is a tried and true way of relaxing and staying mindful. I’m really glad to hear that you’ve find the Wim Hof method helpful.It would be very interesting to see how many others have tried it. Perhaps you would like to explain how it differs from other mindful breathing techniques and how it helps you specifically.

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Hi , I read the book as recommended to me, found it very interesting, I found that sometimes when taking meds they didn’t quite kick straight away so to detract from that awful feeling of going slow I did the breathing for about 15mins this makes me relax more and feel more energised. For me I think it works because it is not a voice you are listening to but it’s your mind listening to your breath and you are concentrating on that.
Has anyone tried his method of breathing?
Also when I’ve mastered it more I’m going to start the cold shower exercises.