Meds & Motivation

Hi all,

A question for those of you on meds.

I was diagnosed earlier this year, I suffer with bad stiffness and cramp. I also get tremor after exercise or when stressed.

I can handle these symptoms, but I do struggle to motivate myself, I’d rather watch TV than go out and do the garden or paint the bedroom. Do the meds help with motivation?


I blame the meds for my lack of motivation as they
seem to make me tired.

I have more energy and I am sleeping better since coming off the meds.
Azilect Mirapexin and Sinemet.
Downside is that I am far more emotional

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How long on where you on sinemet and how did you manage to come off it. I’m desperate. I want to do,cold turkey as I can’t stand the dystonia inhet in my throat chest and stomach when kick in and out. I dont get peak dystonia or dyskinisea i get it kicking in and out the facial and neck dskinisea and i can’t breathe properly but once I’ve got through the first 24 hours I stopped getting the dystonia i got much slower but I can cope bettter with that than the sideceffects. But I’ve been told I could kikk myself if I just stopped but I don’t believe at . I know that it will be hell for 24 hours but I think I will start geting my thoughts back and my head will not be so muddled
I just want to find out what one goes through when stopping Sinemet

I would first like to say that I don’t recommend what I have done.
It was a personal choice and something that may not work for other people.
I was taking Mirapexin, Azilect and sinemet.
To get off of them wasn’t easy. I had been on them for 18 months plus, and I felt like a zombie.
Mirapexin and Azilect were pretty easy. I reduced them slowly and gradually.
I did exactly the same thing for sinemet but it was much harder to get off of. I said at the time that I felt it was addictive. I still do.

JJ, have you considered Amantadin, an old drug that boosts, or can boost your energy level and make you become more agile? That was my experience with it, I also take Azilect and a low dosis of Pramipexol…