hello Everyone
I'd like to ask, is it important to take meds at the same time everyday? I've been on them for a while now,but find that I'm forgetting,is it time for an alarm clock?:confused:

Hello nene and welcome.

Your Q is a difficult one to answer. We are always told that it is important to keep to a "medication timetable", but sometimes my body tells me otherwise. e.g if I am awake at 4 am (which I often am) & twitching away, I am disinclined to wait until the 8 am tablet time recommended by my neuro.
I would not presume to advise you to go against the advice that you have been given - far from it.
If it is simply a Q of forgetting to take the tablets (and I often do so), you can get little boxes to keep a daily supply of your medication that "beeps" when your med time is due. Perhaps a little less obtrusive that an alarm clock! Try googling Nottingham Rehab Services (NRS). I believe that you can purchase such on line from this excellent service.

In my case , it tends to be a Q of me complaining to O/H that he has forgotton to remind me to take my tablets!

Best wishes & take care

Hi Nene.
I have same problem ! I agree with what Abd has said. We learn to read our bodies which indicate to us in our own unique ways , when we need to top up our meds.
I use a blackboard now ! I record the time of the first dose on wakening , and then chalk in the approx. times when the next doses are due.
Sometimes this needs to be taken earlier than I would want, sometimes bang on that time , and often , later.
So much depends on what is happening each day and no two days are alike really.
I try to keep an eye on the board so I know approximately when the next dose is coming up.
I put a tick in each box as I take the dose.
Probably seems mad maybe to others, but works for me!
Plus sometimes someone has drawn a funny picture on the board , which makes me laugh -- can't be bad.

Annbernadette is right.
I just typed "pillbox with timer " into a google box and got hundreds to choose from!
I paid £3.15 including postage for next day delivery and it fits in a shirt pocket, holds loads of pills and is easy to set for any amount of time. Just need to remember to turn it off if visiting the cinema as beeps loudly!
Worth trying?
Love GG