Medtronic Percept DBS

Hello! Has anyone on here who has had DBS been offered the medtronic percept system, either as a battery replacement, or first time ‘install’?

I’m curious to find out your experiences. I developed speech problems a few years post DBS and it was pointed out that the flexibility this system offers could have drastically improved my speech. I had a battery change last year and this was not mentioned in the run up to the change despite my speech being a long standing, known, and quite frankly, a bloody obvious, issue.

hi moonshine I had the medtronic percept system fitted in January.
I had speech problems before I had op and was advised it may make things worse but could turn down or alter the dosage-was quite flexible.
There were no great claims that it might make my speech better and most of the time it is not much different but I think DBS has made it worse
The programmer has slowly agreed to further experimentation over the next few weeks.
My speech has been a problem for years and as you say a very obvious issue. There does not appear to be any great rush to alter things.
Sorry not really been of any help to you.
Will post again if some thing actually changes