Medtronic Rechargeable Battery


For anyone who is interested, had DBS on Wednesday, sent home yesterday. Had bi-lat and got Medtronic Rechargeable battery. Roughly, how often do you have to charge it? Also how long does it take to recharge?


Also I understand that I will need to show Security at airports that I have had DBS, any idea how I can get hold of a card?


I have my breakfast and charge up the same roughly 20 mins and airport no trouble just go to the side and show dbs id card tell them ,you can’t go through sensors


Thanks but how do I get a db s is card and is that 20 mins daiky??


You should off had Medtronic patient identification card when you got dbs fitted, yes daily I have let it go for 2 days took about 45mins to charge they say you can go about week but don’t know if I’d risk it.Here is the local Medtronic number you can ask them for I’d card +44 (0) 1923205101 forget + 44 if your in England


Yes daily the say last about week but I’d wouldn’t risk card should of had Medtronic Id card when dbs fitted. But here’s number Medtronic UK 01923205101 should be able to help with new card


Thank you so much. I have boxes that hospital have me so shall look in there…


No card in there! Shall phone tomorrow, thanks again.


Medtronic only have 15 yr rechargeable battery, ie go back in hospital at 9 yrs to upgrade tech for another 6 years total 15 yrs ./ Boston scientific have 25 yr rechargeable to my understanding. (Think I’m right)


Forgot to mention remember to keep your charger unit charged.,i leave my unit charging 24 hrs.Also if you ring that number I gave you ,you can order sticky patches for nothing just tell them where you had dbs fitted these are so much eaiser to use then that belt .All best


Thanks for that Gus. Have emailed them and they are going to send.


Your right Gus Boston scientific do have 25 year battrery


Yeah i thought it was