Meet and greet and medication issues

I have been diagnosed for nearly 11 years and started taking Requip which has gradually increased and am now taking Requip XL 20mgs plus Madopar four times a day.
Have been very well controlled on this regime for a while, then 3 weeks ago when I collected my prescription the Requip XL had been changed to Ralnea XL - which is manufactured in Slovenia so obviously cheaper to produce. During the last 3 weeks I have felt increasingly uncontrolled with more dyskinesias , more detached,very tired and generally unwell. I made the connection 2 days ago and have been able to access some Requip XL and from Day 1 have felt an improvement.
I have found a few comments on the Forum but would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.
My husband has exactly the same drugs and drug history as you do, but when they changed to the cheaper Ralnea XL I protested, saying that although they deny it, one brand is often not as good as another for some people. We were told that if we had trouble with the Ralnea XL ask our doctor to return us to Requipt XL.As it happens,John has noticed no difference.I am sorry you have, but this does happen.Suggest you ask your doctor to specify Requip on the prescription rather than just Ropinerole.
Hello George and welcome
I was on Requip XL for a while but always had the 'real' and never the generic alternative.
I have at times had generic versions of Sinemet plus and I have never noticed a difference between the two.
I hope you get it sorted out quickly