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I am newly diagnosed and struggling to come to terms with the diagnosis. It comes after a long battle with cancer and other personal problems. By the way I am currently being made redundant too!
I live on my own, I am in my 50's and it all feels too much
Can anybody offer me encouragement?
Thank you
Welcome. You seem to have had more than your fair share of the rough end of the stick. I hope you will find that all these things that didn't kill you have made you stronger. A diagnosis of PD is a shock to everyone and there is a bewildering array of information about what might or might not happen. Take your time. One advantage of PD is that decisions don't usually have to be made in a hurry.

you will find that this forum is full of fine people who have all been affected by PD in one way or another and have experience of many of lifes other challenges.

I hope and expect you will find them as welcoming and supportive as I have.
I'm 45 and was dx in 2005 though that was only confirmed in 2007.

on the redundancy issue remember that the Parkinsons UK helpline can help you deal with anything and they have a dedicated adviser on employment issues.

Elegant Fowl
I am really sorry to hear about your health problems. I have had PD for approx. 2yrs. it is hard to grasp as everyone knows but in time you come to terms with it. My sister has had breast cancer, lost her husband 1yr. ago and then about 6 months ago she too was diagnosed with PD.Life is not fair but what she says is if she can beat cancer, cope without her husband then the worry of the PD is immaterial. What she says is what will be will be and she does not want to waste her precious time worrying about it because she says that she does not want to miss any happy times that may come along by dwelling on the PD. Hope this helps.
I can understand your problems. One of the things said to me when things get too much is to TRY and stop getting swamped by the entirety of your situation. Carefully break down your issues into separate 'molehills' and don't let them build up into a 'mountain'!

I can do this sometimes, but I also have days when it all becomes too much.

Best wishes
Welcome Starlet.

I do sympathise with you and can understand why you’re feeling overwhelmed. We all have days when we feel down, but I firmly believe that we have an element of control over this condition. Try to eat well, take regular exercise and do the things which give you pleasure. Join a group – not necessarily a PD one – and make new friends. You have made a good start by posting on here, as it’s always good to know that you are not alone in your situation.

I wish you all the very best and hope you will stay with us.

Lily x
Hello Every-one,
I am the son of a parkinson sufferer,my father has had it for 8yrs.
In the past year and 1/2 he has suffered quite badly and has lost his mobility/ha can not stand and has difficulty picking things up and gripping things.
I now live with him in a care home/independant living - he has carers call on him every 2 hours,two carers shower him/shave/dress and give him breakfast.
They even come in to the flat during the night as he is on a high level of care.
I do all the washing/shopping/cleaning and cook dinner and tea and take him to all his appointments.
I do intend to do a lot of fundraising and help with our local pk groups.
I am hoping to help the research team as well.
I gave up work in march to become his carer an need a "mission in life"
I am a gay 45 year old man/no partner/non smoker/driver
I hope to use this forum a great deal as well.
We live in Roehampton,basically bordering Wandsworth and Richmond boroughs of London.
If any-one requires any help organising things or arranging anything just give me a bell.
[email protected]
Kingston/Hammersmith/Morden are near- will travel.
Welcome Andy/Pingo
Your dad is lucky to have such a devoted son to help him.
I hope you will find strength and inspiration from the warm and knowledgeable folks in this forum.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your situation.

you will see that the forum does not allow posting of email addresses but you can configure your account to allow people to contact you privately if you wish.

Elegant Fowl
Thank-you elegant fowl,we had to call the doctor in again to-day,yet more antibiotics!!
The district nurses are coming tommorrow to take blood and urine,the gp is quite worried.
Thank you for your kind words - and yes I am a bit of a technophobe,but learn slowly.
Hi Starlet/Andy

Starlet I too have had some awful things happen just before I got my PD diagnosis. But to be honest so many bad things have happened to me I have had to learn a lot about acceptance, becoming stronger through adversity etc and I treat it as one of the many things I have to deal with. And I focus on the positive. I do completely understand you being upset. On another forum on another of my issues there is a lady who says How do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time - another way of saying what was said earlier. You can do it bit by bit. In your circumstances I would join some more interest groups and connect with people.

Andy - your dad is so lucky to have you:) And I live close to you and often drive through Roehampton :)
Hi Starlet, The first thing that struck me was there was a no ,"why me" to your post ,it makes me think youve got strength ,well strength enough to fight PD anyway , like the cancer dont let it beat you ,theres a lot of helpful people on your pc, it was my bible when i was first dxn ,good luck
At that age of 52 I got 2 diagnoses in one year; breast cancer and PD
I'm still around alive and kicking and running a business.
I got married a year later playing in the band at the reception
Had a book published last year which won an award from one of the professional bodies (typed the manuscript myself one handed)
Hvae been to Australia 4 times and USA once since diagnosis. Also numerous camping trips in uk
Not on any medication now after coming off the cancer meds last May

5 years ago I was feeling my life was over but it's not by any means. Hope for the best more often than you dread the worst

Very best wishes to you