Meet and greet

Hi all my name is Sandy and I am part carer for my mum (dad is full time carer) she has had parkinsons for about 10 years. I support as much as I can but I sometimes feel so frustrated myself and watching what it is doing to her and hoping I can find some carers to talk to about what i see and how i feel.

Welcome to the forum, lits34!

I'm sure you will find advice and encouragement from other caregivers here. Check out in particular the segment of the forum called "Carers, Friends, & Family." I'm not experienced in that area myself, just a pwp who wanted to greet you! There are lots of knowledgeable participants here, though, who will respond soon.

Best wishes!
Hi lits and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of advice and support on here. I was carer to my husband and found being able to come on here just to let off steam hugely helpful.

Hope to see you again.

Worrals x
Hi there
I am a carer for my husband who has PD for 11 years. He also has dementia which is hard to cope with.
We have good support for his Dementia and he goes to a centre run by social services a couple of times a week and a lovely girls comes to the house one afternoon.
My daughter and son do not live us but they come up and give me a break as much as possible. For that I am very grateful.
Just carry on supporting your Mum. She is the one who needs you there or at the end of a phone. The times I have rang my daughter crying and just to hear her voice really helps....its ok to cry. Its good to laugh and its ok to be angry. Just be there for your parents. x