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Just signed up and looking round the site. Am a victim of fate too - shortly after my mum was diagnosed as having Pd. After 3 years or so am now facing up to the future but considering what else has gone on recently I am quite upbeat and positive. Oddly, I am a member of "charity" that has been raising money for Pd before I knew I had it!
Fantastic name! Welcome.
Ecosity, fantastic screen name mate,you will be hard pushed to forget that one, I would just like to welcome you to our stupendouslyexcellentfarsuperiorhigherintellectgohgohgough., Forum , Here you will find answers , you will meet friends you probably never meet, if you get my drift, but these friends are different , we are all travelling the same road:smile:and can share so much information on the way,I am fedexlike, but you can call me Fed, I am 62 Married to the lovely Lorraine 65 and have two daughters
and five Grandkids, Chris,8 Josh 8 matty 10 Jane 15 and last but by no means least Joe 17,all are fantastic kids , I am very proud of them, it makes my day when they visit, but preferably not all at the same time!,also my youngest Daughter Jenny has a Choodle and a boxer , Betty is the Choodle a cross Chiuaua
POODLE, if you ever watch you've been framed, especially dogs and cats ,those two are
like that constantly and are great fun, they cheer me up when I am feeling low
my laptop is playing tricks and has deleted your name and as my memory is rubbish
I have had to improvise, do keep in touch I have much info you will find usefull if you so wish it to be, meanwhile its AHEAD WARP 6 TO BED MR DATA.
The very Best of Best wishes to you Sir and Family of course
Thank you Fed and Mosie for your welcoming replies.
I can add a few facts that may give you an outline of me...
I'm 61 - was diagnosed Pd 3-4 years ago... how long it was when it all started???
I now live in Devon with my partner (I am originally from ... well see my post at The Red Rose cafe.)
I have 3 grown up sons and a grandson whom I adore. (I am one of 3 brothers - one has 2 sons - and my Dad was one of 4 brothers ... all male line!)
Am retired now following the string of events below. I was still fully fit and worked out regularly in a high impact gym until 6 years ago then:
- 2007 major op for bowel cancer - OK now
- 2006 diagnosed arthritis of hip and spine
- 2009 diagnosed Pd
- 2011 and 12 both hips replaced
- 2012 Dec had major back surgery (4 vertebra fused)
- 2013 just had all clear for prostate cancer... phew...

So Pd was not my major concern until now. Never give up the fight.

I am building my fitness up to enjoy what is left of my retirement - travel, SK (historical re-enactment), gardening, music (I am learning bass guitar -- it helps with co-ordination!!!) and I help in a few charities.
I could go on but I'll probably bore you even more.
Just glad to have found some like minded people who I can relate to.
So to finish - in keeping with the gladiatorial theme
"Strength and Honour"
Hi Eternechoecity, Blmey! that's a long Monica. However, this is Blue Angel saying 'Hi' and 'Welcome to the Forum@.

He Fed, How yer doin Good to her from you again. Love in loads, Blue Angel. x x x
Hello Everyone !!! Just a quick line to say Hi and introduce myself. Been diagnosed for just over 5 yrs now! I have recently separated from a long term partner.(Best thing I ever did ??!!) I have a beautiful brood of fine young Sons,four in total. Lost my way a little over time though. Just getting into the real world again after having my head up my ass for heaven knows how long??!! Oh the joys of Pramipexole !!?? But,my sense of humor is still in tact and for now at least..... I'm cooking on GAS !!!! x Looking forward to sharing ideas etc with you. xx P.O.L