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hello everyone,
i originally posted on here a while back then forgot my log in details,i was diagnosed a 2yrs ago at 41yrs old and since then i have been in denial,i initially saw the the Neurologist who put me on medication which made me into a zombie so stopped using it and didnt go back because the Neurologist was off hand and abrupt and i could see myself falling out with him big style,fast forward to the present in 3 wks i have to go back and see him again as supposedly he is the best in the north west,as the symptoms are getting worse sleep dreprivation 2 or 3 hrs a night/due to going to the toilet its driving me nuts!!the job that i do is very stress related which is not good when you have the condition and no meds!!wish me luck.
Ghost Rider 666

I certainly do wish you luck GR666!

And a warm welcome to the forum.




Hey there Ghostrider666 (cool name),

I m sorry to say this but welcome to the PD Rollercoaster.

May I suggest you contact your local PD Society to find out were your nearest young person working group meets. ..

The details can be found at:


I joined the PD Rollercoaster ride 2 years ago @ 43 & now I am involved with the New West Kent Younger Parkinson's Group so look at the webpage & find your local group

Keep your chin up & keep on rocking


hello Ghostwriter, welcome to the forum, it is a natural reaction going into denial, it takes time to adjust to the changes you might face.

Sorry to hear about your stressful job you will find support here.
You will find support and understanding here
Kind regards

hi welcome to the foumxx:smile:

Welcome GR. Hope you get sorted with the consultant.
Make sure you tell him about the sleep and toilet problems.
There are things that you can use so you don't have to get up all the time.I expect sleep deprivation is making your symptoms worse.
If you don't get any joy with him see your GP.
All the best annesel


Greetings Ghostrider666 is back,
well it's been a while since i last posted and at the moment everything is ok ish progression is slow and nearly 7 yrs since been diagnosed,regular 6 mth check up with my specialist meds have changed since last i posted i am now on Azilect 1 mg once a day and Stalevo 3 times a day which was been fine kept the tremors at bay,sleep was still a problem so i have gone on Clonazepam best thing i have ever had and actually get some sleep so my waking day is more bearable,stick with it everyone we will not let it beat us and remember this you are not alone.