Meet tizzy

oops tizzy here and if i had read through instructions properly, i would have introduced myself in stead of launching into questions. so...hi..i'm tiizzy, age 59, diagnosed 4yrs ago, finding it very difficult living with parkinsons and it seems to be progressing quite rapidly and not responding to medication. My lovely husband had a stroke two yrs ago so we both 'shuffle' along and it's like 'zombie dawn of the dead' wen we get up to move to another room!! I try to keep a sense of humour but some days, and when my feet 'stick to the floor', it's not easy. i'm looking forward to being part of the forum x
nice to meet you, tizzy, sorry to hear things are not going as well as they might.
Hi Tizzy welcome to the forum hopefully you will get lots of advice and support here. I have only been diagnosed since April this year so early in my PD journey. Sorry things are not good for you both at the moment but there is always someone here to offer their advise if you want it. Look forward to seeing you around the forum take care
welcome..wouldnt it be nice to meet up every 6 months or so.... we could have a huge pwp party...mmmmmmmm,,i like that idea

neenag xxx
Hello and welcome to the forum Tizzy, sorry to hear that you and your hubby are unwell. Ive been dx for 11 years now and my pd is beginning to take it's toll on me. I'm have constant back pain and my left arm which is my pd side keeps going into spasm, it's so depressing and nobody seems to know how to help me. I had yet another wasted appointment at my GP surgery yesterday and came out in tears.

The doctor was a locum who knew nothing about me, he arrived half an hour late for our appointment and the receptionist had to show him where the room was. I then had to enter into a dialogue telling him my pd/arthritis history and why I was there that day...constant pain often so bad that I can't walk. The process took almost half an hour after which I was told nothing can be done!!!

My husband took over at this point because he could see me welling up, he told doc that I am becoming very depressed due to constant pain and that my quality of life was basically crap. At the end after many tears from me he agreed to send me to a pain clinic, can't wait to see what they have in store, but heyho another 'day out' I guess.

Sorry for my rant but if anybody has any ideas to help relieve this pain I'm open to suggestions.


You may have just got yourself a project neegnag! There is nothing stopping us doing that, it is done on other forums. Ive been to one and it was a great weekend, we had a few workshops throughout the day offering advise and information in respect of pd and some drinks and dinner at night. It was great to 'put faces to names' so to speak. So go to it neegnag and let us know the venue and the place please?

dear glenchass, thankyou for your welcome and i am sorry to hear you are in pain. there is nothing like pain to make you feel miserable and i too sometimes feel that visits to the doctor or specialist are a waste of time. I n the end i think we help ourselves more. Laugh as much as you can ,spend time with people you love , watch a good DVD, have a good cry, listen to your fav music. I like to google Micheal J Fox to see his latest interviews and he said having parkies is like standing in the middle of the road and you know a bus is coming, you don't know how fast or when but you know it's coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it. However you can research all the treatments available that may suit you and ask for that treatment If you google Micheal j Fox and Mohammed Ali, they do an advertisement to raise awareness and it's so funny it always cheers me up. Speak to you soon. tizzy