Meeting this head on

I have recently been diagnosed at the age of 50 with mild symptoms. At first I was in denial but then I realised that I had to fight this. I have a 16 year old with CFS who experiences severe symptoms and my Dad has deteriorating Macular Degeneration - they both rely on me.
So, I have started the Couch to 5k challenge, started swimming lessons to improve my stamina in the pool, attend Pilates and yoga classes.
I have taken the advice of others on this forum - I have Parkinson’s but it does not and will not define me.

Hi Bexby,
Sounds like you’ve got an excellent approach. I completed the couch to 5K challenge at the end of last year after previously having a lifelong fear and dislike of running. The sense of achievement was amazing and I’m now hooked. I’d recommend you find out whether there’s a local parkrun to you where people get together to run a 5k every Saturday morning.
Sounds like you’ve got the exercise thing covered. I also strongly believe that diet is another key way to fight the challenge we’ve been given - you may already be on to this.
Stay positive and keep fighting

Thanks Nick
I’ve been looking at my diet as well. I also read about a trial taking place involving a special probiotic. Can’t remember the name right now but am going to follow it up - something like ‘Symprove’ I think, but I could be wrong.
There is a parkrun fairly close, not sure I’m ready yet but something like that would be a good goal to aim for.

You are quite correct, the probiotic is called Symprove. The trial is being done at King’s College, but, as my husband wasn’t eligible because he suffers from Crohn’s disease as well as PD, we went ahead and bought the 12-week course. He is currently on his first week, and so no result as yet.

Thanks. Please let me know how he gets on.