Meeting up with other members


On Monday and Tuesday the 3rd and 4th of July a few of us met up in Hexham near Newcastle those that I met up with were course myself twinks teehee fedex and J of grey cottage this was arrange as J of grey cottage was on holiday in the uk on a garden tour of various destinations. I can say it was an absolute pleasure all of us very different people whom share a common bond the misfortune to having been diagnosed with PD. We dinned at the spectacular Langley Castle we laughed in the face of pd and all agreed that in spite of our diagnoses there are some good things we can attribute to how we met. They are the friendships we have formed the places we have been and the things we have learned. Having this does not have to spell dome and gloom. Positivity breeds positivity. Above all LAUGH out loud in the face of Parkinson's trust me it makes it weaker. Take care all and lots of love.


BB xxx


Lovely message BB, it was great fun and helped me to meet other people living with the condition.  I personally would love for us all to meet up again , perhaps in 6 months time , time to save up !   Take care all xx


P.S  love the new photo. x


Well said BB. We had a wonderful time and we did laugh a lot. So glad we could all make it in the end. I thought Fed's bravery and determination showed how strong we all need to be against this bl***y awful condition. We'll continue to be positive!



Exactly my point we all endured in spite of this disgusting condition shows we can all fight pd no matter how this effects us.


BB xxx


Yes it shows  what canned doo peeps  caan dooo when wonteeentoo i had to come down at 6am due to the terrible dreams there is noting I can  do  nowt abbootit s II JST AVETOOENJEWER, its fun spelling wawds az theeey soooond like .

Thank you all for  your help Ladies aufviderzen petz



Fed you hang in there, as next meeting your gals are counting on your attendance next meeting x


big grin


 tHANK YOU  my friend you are  kind  and  funny and I like that allott  as  all I likred  allott as u all were  of  humour  warped   phew  im  a fine  one  tlo  taklk about  warped.

                                  thankyou for being my friends  byeeeeeee