I have had a small pink patch on the side of my face for a few months but, two days ago, it bled for 5 minutes so I booked an appointment with the doctor for later that day. She referred me to a specialist (a plastic surgeon) and marked it down as URGENT then leaned forward and said: “It doesn’t seem fair, does it?” That frightened the **** out of me.

I forgot to tell her about the brown, raised, shiny growth that has appeared on my thigh during the last year and which also bled profusely on one occasion. I will tell the specialist, who I am to see on Tuesday.

Am I worried? Oh yes.

Any words of encouragement will be gratefully received.
dont panic! dont panic! i had a bit of my nose removed for testing and it turned out to be nothing. the one on your leg could be anything.
Thank you, Turnip; I was hoping you would answer.

I have just spent the last hour trying to convince myself that my 'spots' are on your list - with a small amount of success. I will keep trying and will do my best not to panic. :confused:
hi lily, i had a small growth on the lower l/side of tummy the gp had a look at it and she said it looked like a basal cell carcinoma, which is what it turned out to be but they are very slow growing and dont tend to spread i had it removed and it has,nt come back, but i have now developed another small growth on the side of my eyebrow am going to get it checked hopefully it wont be anything to worry about, but you always get these things checked as soon as you find them, hope things turn out ok sue.
Thank you, lilly; your reply is much appreciated.
Had my appointment today and it turns out that the one on my face is probably 'pre-cancerous' but the one on my leg 'could be melanoma'. I am to have both removed within a couple of weeks and tests will be done to establish malignancy.

The only good news is that they aren't related, but I'm feeling pretty glum at present.
pre cancerous is better than cancerous! post op scars can be quite minimal nowadays.
hopefully the other one is not melanoma but you have done the right thing to get it dealt with asap. early intervention makes all the difference.
chin up
For anyone who's interested: I had the lesions removed yesterday. The two operations took just over an hour under local anaesthetic, but I was there all day as there was a mix-up over my file (don't ask).

It turned out that a piece 'the size of a penny' had to be removed from my face and a flap of skin would be pulled over to cover it. (The surgeon was quite young, so I'm hoping he meant a 1p and not an old penny!) I don't know what it looks like yet as it's all taped over with paper strips and is still quite swollen.

I have to go back next Friday to have the tape removed and it will be four weeks before I will know if there's anything to worry about. Fingers crossed ......

In the meantime, although every single NHS employee I came across was absolutely, utterly, unbelievably wonderful, my advice to anyone reading this would be to continue slapping on the Factor 50!
please keep us up to date.
very best wishes.
I will, Turnip. Thank you.
Went to hospital this morning to have the dressings changed and the 15 stitches in my face removed. (The ones on my leg were soluble.) I will need to have the dressings changed again next week, and the week after, and removed a week after that. By that time, I should know the worst.
good luck. it should improve with time, my scar on my nose has disapeared though it was quite a bit smaller. also a little makeup can do a lot. (not that i've tried that). hopefully it won't be an issue. my doctor's quote 'it's not as if you were up for a leading man role.' which was nice.
Hi Turnip

I'm not overly worried about being left with a scar - better than the alternative - but not looking forward to seeing the Consultant for his verdict.

I've been given the date of 20th November and will let you know the outcome when the time comes.

Meanwhile, many thanks for your support.

L x
last time i saw a consultant about a biopsy (i wont say exactly where but it would make your eyes water) he started off 'i am pleased to say..' you can stop listening after that point!
To Turnip:

I’m just letting you know that I've got back from the hospital for the ‘verdict’ and it turns out that the two ‘lesions’ are basal cell carcinoma which, as you will know, is benign. Not only that, but they have managed get rid of all of the nasty bits ... which is nice.

The facial scar is like an upside-down horseshoe and is healing nicely. I have been assured that it will fade over time, but makeup is doing a great job for now.

Many thanks for your encouragement, Turnip, and I hope this little thread might help someone else some day.

L x
excellent news. it must be a great relief.