Melatonin - Has anyone else taken this for sleep problems

My elderily Mum has PD and has had issues sleeping for years - she has finally been prescribed a low dose of Zopiclone which usually helps her get better sleep. However, she is very restless and gets very anxious in the late afternoon as it gets dark and this continues relentlessly into the evening. Has anyone else had these issues and has melatonin helped them feel calmer and less agitated when trying to get to sleep? Mum doesnt have night terrors.
And has anyone had any side-effects from taking melatonin?

I was prescribed melatonin in hospital over 6 months ago even though it’s OTC here in Canada. I continue to take it with mirtazapine 15mg at bedtime. I take 3mg of melatonin which is what I was prescribed in hospital. The combination helps with sleep. Many, many people take melatonin here as you can buy it at any chemist or health food shop. You take it about half an hour before bedtime. The doctor says it’s no issue to stay on it. What you shouldn’t do is take it too late as it can make you feel a bit groggy in the morning. My GP in fact told me she took 10mg and it made her groggy but some people do take that much. I think the NHS dose is 2mg I read.

Hi, I tried melatonin for a while. It certainly helped me sleep but made me groggy the next day so I stopped taking it. My understanding is it is a natural sleep hormone so should be quite safe to try.

Hi , I was prescribed melatonin and it helped immensely with my sleep ! It true you feel groggy in a morning but with me it soon wore off .

Also tried to drink melatonin but noticed that I can not fall asleep quickly. The dream became stronger. Now I’m trying to drink mint tea at night.

Have you tried hemp-leaves tea (legal, industrial hemp)? I have a feeling it works well for me…