Has anybody been prescribed Melatonin by their neurologist for insomnia and has it helped?

Hi my husband is on melatonin and it do help him to relax and sleep for a couple of hours when he first goes to bed but is up and down every hour after that, but he don’t get a couple of hours if it’s not taken at night . Hope this helps

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Hi Pal, Yes my PN prescribed it to help me sleep. I have been taking it about 8 weeks.
It took a while to kick in and whilst I still only sleep for one or two hours at a time I find it does help with the quality of sleep. I feel more refreshed when i do wake.
I hope this helps.
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Wildrover at this time for sleep I take at bed time .5 ml klonpin, 7.5 Melatonin, and 100/25 sinemet slow time release. IMO .5 klonipin is additive so that is my limit I will take (good for Rem Sleep Disorder)The slow release sinemet has helped with pain from spasms and the melatonin is a natural brain chemical that tells you that it is night. Through time I my doctor has slowly raised my dose from 3ml. to 7.5ml. . The melatonin works well. But for me we keep the dose low for it makes me feel grogy. Well there is a balance most of us have in that our sleep is effected in many ways. Examples (for constipation we have to intake more water to help) That makes get up at night. Pain for some. Rem Sleep Disorder,sleep apnia,restless leg syndrome, So I suggest sit down and take notes what happens the most that causes your sleep disturbance. In my case I stop drinking liquid at 8pm, also I focus on relaxing my thoughts and think about positive things in my life, I make sure I have just the right amount of exercise so I am physically tired but not sore. The last thing of the evening is I take my prescribed cocktail of meds at 10pm. To be honest it works about 75% of the time. And on the nights that it doesn’t work (25%) that following day I make sure that I only take a 1/2 hour nap. On days that I have had a good nights sleep No nap. I know this was a long post but I hope this helps.

Thanks for all your replies. Appreciated

Wildrover the grogy part of melatonin is in the morning upon waking. Sorry to not be clear. That is why in my case the doctor stopped at 7.5 ml. . 10 ml. just too much.