Memory and progressive physical disability

There is an important consequence that arises as my movement becomes more challenging: the feeling of my body not working properly becomes set against the memories of what free movement feels like. Therefore, it is not necessarily the impaired movement that causes the emotional damage but the relative gap between expectations based on memories and current levels of movement. Such a gap between feelings makes my current movement appear much worse.

This is the challenge of coming to terms with a progressive disability.

dr jonny

Hello dr johnny, if you don't mind me saying sir, you have a masterful capability
in your insight into this b,,,,,d disease we unfortunately share , you have titled your post in such a way , you describe BLACKHEART , in four words I would
Imagine only the most senior consultants and professors have such a understanding
of PD to be able to do what you achieve with virtually every post
Are you in fact a Doctor, you are very knowledgeable indeed if there was some sort of BAFTA "OR DAFTA" AS I call them, award scheme you dr john would get my vote, with turnip just missing out.
Kindest Regards fed:wink:

Thanks fed!

A DAFTA it is! I would to thank my family and friends, the dog I never had, the person who served me coffee yesterday...

No, I'm not a proper Doctor, just a PhD doctor! Pressures on my next post...!

Seriously, thank you Fed!

dr jonny

May I ask what subject(s) your PhD was in?

Gobbedlygook, maybe?

O benji, not a fan eh? Thanks for the insult and for contributing nothing to this forum or to understanding PD with your last post.

Hi oldun. My PhD was in Genetics

Dr jonny

That's where you are very wrong.

I have been on this forum for years and I DO contribute to meaningful posts, just not those that are hot air and provided by a PWP diagnosed very recently.

15 years down the line then I may consider your posts and the affects of Parkinsons meaningful.


Understanding Parkinsons?????

Live my life for the last few years!!

You haven't a clue with your philosophical approaches and mindset over this insidious condition.

Yes,I repeat, goobedlygook hypotheses, and more, but come back to me in 15 years and see if your self help halted Mr P. I very much doubt it, and see if your attempts to control/ halt it have worked.

Benji, if you have 15 years experience of PD then share your insights (I'm interested to learn) but leave your insults and insecurities safely parked in your own head

Dr jonny

Tut tut dr jonny and benji, please leave your squabbles for the playground! Many members have left this forum, and the old forum, because of personal vendettas. We need to receive advice and inspiration from all quarters so pull together and make the attack on the condition rather than each other. (By the way, I have wrestled with PD for 13 years).

How sad that with all our personal suffering pain and discomfort depression we end up arguing about something which is impossible to answer, who is the more worse for wear as a result of this b.....d disease, please guys ,the world is going down the tubes, lets not ad to the process, oh and dr johnny congratulations on your PhD and continue with your work on the forum.
Regards fed:smile:

Hi Dr Jonny,

Thank you for your response. I regard your academic background and achievement as a valuable asset to this forum. Please keep up your contributions.

Everyone is at different stages and I think we all come on here for glimpses of advise and to pass anything they have learned that might help some else

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Kind Regards Fed