Memory clinic

Hi to all my Husband has been referred to the memory clinic we went and the first meeting was very good a very nice and helpful young woman who took him through some memory test's and I had a questionnaire to fill in we get the results soon and what I am really asking is is this a good idea we know the none motor symptoms delusions and mental health problems are awful but I do not want to bring in people who only see the mental health symptoms and do not know enough about Parkinson's .
Hello Tupps
My husband was referred to a memory clinic and the tests were able to show that his problems were due to Parkinson`s and not to some other problem. He has been prescribed Aricept and folic acid to help his memory and there has been some improvement.
I looked at the Alzheimer`s web site and found some useful suggestions for how to deal with the difficulties memory loss can create.
We talked about it a lot and felt that establishing a routine was going to be important so we tried to find one that suited us both. Unfortunately, as his abilities and memory loss have increased more of our lives is lived around the routines but, on the other hand, the routines do enable us to get through the regular things quite slickly and we have been able to go on holiday and enjoy life.
My OH`s memory loss is been gradual so we have time to get used to it, as far as one can, and I hope your experience will be as good.
With best wishes to you both
Thank you very much Hatknitter for your advice and kindness my first reaction to your post was almost jubilation because I have been fighting what seems like everybody who just do not understand the none motor symptoms of Parkinson's and almost seem to wish dementia on him .I know I am slowly losing the plot I just want to protect him all the time I smile all the time when in company but inside I am screaming .We have the appointment on June the 12th to get the results of his memory tests and I am so afraid I really do not know how I will react . The worst part of this is our Daughter walked away from us 2 years ago when her Dad became ill and now our dear Son seems to be going in the same direction and I am feeling so alone and try as I might I just do not know why or how they could treat us like this .This is the first time I have been able to say this to anyone but I feel that I can speak to you and all the wonderful people on this forum who have walked in my shoes and who's advice is priceless . Thank you for being there . With much love Tupps .
Hi Tupps,
My husband was diagnsed with Parkinsons with Lewy body dementia over 18 months ago. At first he saw only the Pk consultant, but then our GP refered him to the memory clinic, where he got his own nurse who is always there for both of us and a great help. (Hubby does not have a Pk nurse) We still attend the Pk clinic and the doctor always asks how it is going at the memory clinic and Vice versa, so they are trying to ensure that all his symptoms are being treated. We have no transport so the memory clinic Dr and Nurse come here to see us, its such an awful diagnosis that we are grateful for any help.
Hope you are lucky and and get a good report. I will be thinking of you.
Dear withy thank you very much for your reply which is very encouraging on both sides if our report is good and if not the help and support that is there for you so once again thank you. I do hope you and your Husband have more good times than bad and you are able to have some time for your self stay strong and please feel free to contact any time there is no doubt this forum is a lifeline . Love Tupps.
Hi to you all and to hatknitter well we have had the results from the memory clinic and it is Parkinsons dementia the really strange thing was I have spent so much time worrying about it crying and feeling angry .That when the doctor told us we just took it on the chin of course we cried about together at home and with you lovely post hatknitter I am determined it is onwards and upwards for us we can do this together . And I know when things get tough I can rely on you guys to keep me going as hatknitter suggested today I will look into all the advise from other memory websites what I am trying to do at the moment is catch up with all the jobs that we have let slip in the last 2years .So we can then just concentrate on looking after each other . So once again thank you all for being there . Love Tupps .xxx
Hi Tupps

I have been where you are now and it is not easy. Keep strong and remember to take care of yourself as well as your O/H.

There are lots of us on here who have trodden the path you and your O/H are now on. You will always have a sympathetic ear from your friends on the forum. :smile:

Thank you Worrels for your kind words yes I really do understand that this path is going to be very tough . I have seen things changing already and I am struggling now God knows how what the future holds I just hope for the best and hope I can keep going thank you for your support. It means a lot and you all have dealt with this and still find time to support people like me . Love Tupps
Hello, my husband has and his mobility is not good, we no longer go out and I care for him, but am finding it hard now, I feel so depressed and am not coping well.

He does not want to go in to a care home to allow me a break, and I just don't know what to do,
I am so desperate I have made for us both to go into a care home for a week, for them to take the responsibility for his care just to allow me some tome to myself, HELP