Memory failure


         Hello , I seem to be having serious and frightening memory problems, my mum lives just up the street its a place I called home for 26yrs, yet to my shock and dismay I could not remember how to get there, these lapses only last a short while 10 secs to 1min, but are occuring  more freqently,  I am alarmed, its not just absent minded, any one have simlar


Hi, fed --

I'm about two weeks late finding this post.  But I wonder if you have read any of the blog by "Winnipeg chap"?  He is such a literate, eloquent writer that I enjoy keeping up with his PD trials and tribulations.  He has written a fair number of posts about the mental effects of PD.  Occasionally, he posts on this forum as well.

Anyway, if you haven't already discovered him, he's at

My own mental state has not suffered too much yet, but I do frequently have difficulty calling up the exact word I want.  It usually comes to me within a few minutes.  If I'm writing, that's okay.  In speech, however, I just have to substitute a simpler synonym to come as close as I can to the meaning of the word I was seeking.  So I probably sound at times rather childish or simple-minded -- the least of my PD worries!

Hoping those lapses get very rare for you --

Hello Fed

Sorry I missed seeing this. I confuse 2 separate parts of town, both are out of main shopping area, both have small shops, I set out to go to one and then I forget which one I need to be in. I can stand outside the place I want and have a sudden fleeting panic that I have come to the wrong area.

Lists are the only thing I have found that help. Not just a shopping list but a plan of which shops in which order, what to buy and where next!  Impulse buying? Moi?



           Hello J and Mosie, thank you for replying, the memory thing is becoming a  problem, I often feel Im not in my own home and I have lived here since 1980.


Thanks for the kind words J of Grey.  I really appreciate them..

Fed - one of the most bothersome symptoms I frequently encounter, like J, is the inabiltiy to find words when I am speaking and, like J, I usually end up going to simpler phrases as I bumble my way through.  To top all that, I also suffer from dry mouth and my voice is barely discenible.

That was then.  This is now.  Once I was put on L-dopa,  my voice returned and my ability to speak fluently surfaces every so often - usually an hour or so after I take the LD.  Still have dry mouth but I think that is the medication (I also take mirapex and amantadine.)

One other bonus is my handwriting has returned.

By the way, I don't think the dot com address works for some people who visit my blog.  If you have trouble connecting, try www.w[  Siince starting the blog in late 2011, I have had 27,000 page views, many from the USA and UK.  Thank you 


  Hello  wpgchap, I find that when Im having a good day,.not often,, its all systems go everything works well writing  speech movement and posture all return to defaults, naturally this pleases me and as the Duodopa normally takes care of the medication side all on its lonesome I become lulled into a sense of false security and miss the warnings, tingling in my finger tips and toes, mild confusion you will recognise these, and if I do not react I wil go from normal to  95% paralysed in 30seconds, its terrifying and tears my heart out , it  happened last Saturday in the cafe in the village, the staff know me but its so terrifying horrible and of course embarassing, I managed to make it to my MOBSCOOT, I like that word, and steered  a wobbly course for home, it was such a relief when I made it, but so shocking It makes me wary of venturing out, but it wont  stop me you cant give the  BA????D one millimetre or it will take 10000,, I appologise I have not read your blog yet will do this afternoon, hope everything is well with you and you are keeping parky in his cage.

                                           Kindest Regards FED

Hi Fed

Hope you are well.  After two weeks on sick leave, I have to go back tomorrow.

Looking at the discussion topics last night, I came across your quizzes but I lost them and can't find them again.   I thought they were great but can you tell me how to get them back again please.

I think it's a great idea.

All the best



I didn't see the pun  - I can't remember how to get your input back !!!!!!!!!!!


  Good morning Casie ,thankyou for expressing your interest in my quiz, you will find it in creative corner under NAME THAT TUNE AND COMEDY SKETCH SHOWS, I thought the two combined would catch the imagination of my friends here on the Forum, but only a few have shown interest, however Casie I you so wish I will post one a week especially for you and the others who responded, all you have to do is give me the song or sketch show in the words I have wrote,andno googling memory only please, try your luck on my first quiz and if you do well I promise I will post  oneaweeeek starting today, a prize is awarded at the end of the series you will accumulate points and after4wks whoever has the most pints, or even points will recieve the prize which is so valuble I will keep it secret,, my wife has told me not to tell you the prize is a three week no expenses paid camping holliday in Syria, body armour not supplied .

       I will give you a couple of started so ill finish 

1   FORK HANDLES ? who starred in this hilarious sketch

2   mrs miggins pie shop appears in which very funny long running comedy, it has the same name as a river in the Nortumberland / Scottish borders

3    day after day alone on a hill  (name song and group)

4     mend these broken wings and learn to  fly all your life ( song and group Casie )

5          way across the river she is gone and now theres no one else to take her place, once again  song and  group they were my 2nd favourite sixties band

6     And finaly, who died at the bridge of death by answering incorrectly, this is a little difficult so I wil give yooooo a cloooooooooooooo Casie , they sought a very special religous artifact and were all very silly

                              Remember Casie and any one else who responds,memory only please, any one cheating will be hung drawn and quartered, but dont let that put you  off, think off the prize  man.

                      My wife has told me the punishment  for cheating is too severe and has suggested life in solitary confinement. so there you go sweetpea, give it a shot, do these six the down to creative corne for somemore             have a lovely day my friend, and if you enjoy this kind of harmless fun tell  the others as I need a good  lady to promote this format which I THINK will gather pace once it catches on.

7              ok Ted, turnip, I aubergine, am   potato sorry,cuecumber, to, carrot have, parsley to,parsnip, tell cabbage, you, lettuce,your, cauliflower, wifes  brussel sprouts, DEAD!!          can you rember this hilarious sketch  Casie, and anyone dont be shy look death in the eye and parky too and  tell these two to bugger off as FEDS QUIZ is more important to you, a little daft poem taken from FEDS CRAPOETRY, available nowat ALL WOOLWORTHS BRANCHES ONLY £1.235.12P  .

                              hope this sillyness is to your liking Casie as I wellcome all who walk the hallowed corridors of our FORUM to join you in the pursuit of useless informationnnnn I Am  going now so enjoy

                         YOUR  PAL FED





 Hello Casie, as you will have noticed the quetions or questions, if you belong to HORTON IN RIBBLESDALE PRIZE BRASS BAND QUEENS ENGLISH ONLY AT CAALL CETREEEESA campaign, the quuestions are in no  particular order so expect a vast  cross sectiond, sorry section of  requirements from you and all who choose to risk this very very dangerous post.

 I 4  1 admier U 4 ATT   empt,  ing itit as EYE Ha  veevery,  evil intent on preveting ,or hedging if u lyke and mykeen th qerstschuns arderandarderandardr,you Casie look very intelligent and I  LOOK VERY  THICK IF ANYONE WANTS TO SEE MY PICTURE, dont all rush to answer this, I will post it on  my AVATAR SITE 4 1 DAY ONLY, BUT BEE PREEpared to be shocked, thats all I CAN SAY, if your curiosity  begss  you  to seek my image, you must takee precautions,, NO NO NOT those kind of precautions,, I would wear dark  glasses, as my image is very bright, my home planet K-PACK has thtree SUNS so we have evolved a covering of extremely sheyenee SCIN, EYE WILleave it up 2 U AWLE,ITS YOUR CHOYCCCE IF enough vowt yea I will display if UAWLE VOAT nea then my FEDEX PIC WILL remain all voats to be in by 61 hundred hrs 2day, SAWRY, 19HUN, DDRESD TODAY

            THE SHIIIINY SKIN IS TO REFLECT THE 3 SUNS LIGHT, MYbeloved is badgering me, I think she is cruel swinging the defenceless animal using it as a club,not a working mens club, or night club you understand, hey you dont stand under the stand, she is badgering me about making plans for a bigger extension, well I told her that that shop is not open on sundays and I am abit shy of visiting that kind of estabishment anyway, but she just barges in like a bull in a sex shop, she can be so  embarrasing at times so thats me for now BEYEeeeeeeeeeeee









Once again, I pressed the wrong button that's why the box is empty .

I'm a southerner so find it difficult to understand what you are talking about but then maybe I wouldn't be able to ken on what you're saying anyway!!!

Anyway, getting down to business, I didn't do very well with your quiz but I knew that the fork handles  (or four candles ) were The Two Ronnies.

Didn't know about Mrs Miggins  and  no 3 is Fool on the Hill by Paul McCartney

can't do no 4 and is 5 The Eagles or The Who or maybe The Rolling Stones. 

As for your prize - I don't think they'd let me into  the country and they  certainly wouldn't let me out again!!

Woolworths brings back happy memories.   At the top of the road I lived in was the back way in to Woolies and my sister (older than me) thought she was being clever and going through the shop she would miss our mother from catching her with make-up, mini skirt and best shoes on.   Mum worked in Dorothy Perkins just down the road and she was standing on Woolies front entrance when we came out.  My sister paved the way for me 'cause Mum wasn't as strict with me as she'd had enough arguing with first-born.  We lived in Wembley in those days.

Have to do my chores now so better go.

Best wishes


Casie, you did better than I did!  The only one I recognized was #6:  "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."  Of course, I'm American, always a good excuse for ignorance of the rest of the world.



               Good morning casie, I was confused you said hello then stopped, what stopped you my friend, did you want to open your heart, or were you just wishing me and the great men and women on our forum well a good morning, the smileys are me and my Bro, my sister and my wife. I chose that one for my wife because if I can suprise her and  manipulate her,, well there are many ways to describe my previous mentioned manipulation, and I wont go into detail, but if I gave you a code you can easily work it out, the code is 36DD,is the code and the results of paying them respect, a nice slow gentle respect, will cause her a great paroxism of retaliatory pleasure and quiet gentle moans she will turn and I CAN HONESTLY SAY I HAVE NEVER EVER been kissed by any one of the many Ladies I have had relationships with,well one stands out, and thats my ex,she was a splendid kisser, and when we split up I thought I would never find another like her, but almost one year later I bought this house and my very very special Lady lived opposite I became extremely curious of this attractive blond , the reason for that was her little dog. she loved her dog it was a sheltie and very old but if the little bu,g,,,r could find a way of escaping the lovely back garden, created by her Father, well adoptive Father really, he could evade capture by  anyone the dog that is not her dad it was a lovely sunny warm summers day, my soon to be wife was standing shouting of her dog (IN HER  BIKINI) Scott, he was named after SCOTT  WALKER of the Walker Bros, I watched fascinated by the pendulous mesmerising, 36dds it was the day I REALLY SAT UP AND TOOK NOTICE Caise so the next time she  took her little  canine OAP for a alk or perhaps a walk I would offer her some company, and it was just as well , my beloved is not streetwise and still is very nieve. naieve. bugger,neyeeve, she used to walk  through  , well the darkside, all small towns villages and cities have them, and any stranger venturing there could expect trouble, when I offered her some advice about the subhumans who live there, she told me in  a matter of fact way said "I have only been approached by one of the gangs once five young thugs who told her they would kill her dog if she would not agree to have, well how can I put it,if she allowed these morons to hump her brains out( her words not mine) they would let her dog live, she immediately walked up to the mouthy leader and kicked him so hard in  the, "sounds like, huts,and sprayed two others with pepper spray so her fearless action on that day gained her much respect, not the least from me,, dont get the wrong image of my home, well ovegrown village, its not a bad place to live, I have had a couple of run ins with the local riff raff, but my son in law Mick who is a detective with Northumbria Police,with my input settled things and on another unpleasant occasion , my other son in law.(who used to be a Bouncer in Newcastle City centre , and has the appearance and demenour of one of the MAFIAs finest,and now not a sqeak out of  these apprentice thugs and trouble makers, mind you they arematuring and even applogised for all the worry they caused, and alas, one of the BSK, laughingly christened themselves The Bash Street Kids, one of them joined up, it was the biggest alteration of a persons character I had ever seen, he was home on leave for two weeks and often popped in and did odd jobs for us he was in the Royal Engineers, dealing with unexploded ordnance, I cant  go on, but you will guess,it was just outside Kabul  AFGHANISTAN

            OH Casie, you see how I RAMBLE ON I do appologise, my Lady wants to go to WICKS TO LOOK AT KITCHENS for our new extension so I must be off

                                            Bye for now    FED












             Casie I appologise for spilling yaw naim rong in my last poasttitssoeasy to letthingslip ifudontkonsentrate.

                                 ALL THE VERY BESTMY FRIEND




  Hello J I will include some   American content in further quizezezzsez

                                    Hope you are well


Hi Fed,

Good morning

I'm playing hookie so I'd better move myself and get myself to work.  

Just wanted to say you can  be a bit scarey when you go off on one but basically I think you are a gentleman who is hurting a lot and needs to let that emotion out timwas good and people did respond to it so maybe you could find thetime to do another one.

Have fun today.  





I 'd love too read fed's posts

But for some reason, my eyes wont connect too the brain when i'm looking at the massive block of text.

i laid awake last night as you do, thinking, thinking i cant remember what i did this morning, but my memories are more and more of the past, i can remember what someone said too me 20yr's ago, but not what my father said yesterday, or what someone says too me over the fone as i'm talking too them about a appointment??.

I cant remember what a tv program was about, what happend in it, as i watched it, but i can remember hilda odgen in corrie decades ago, or benny from crossroads when i was 7 yr's old.

Hello Fed

I am writing this post because i see words were left out of my last one so, of course, it doesn't make sense.

I was saying ..............and needs to let that emotion out and where better than The Forum where nobody is judging you but have similar problems and will help when ever they can.

So this is the next morning and I wanted to complete what I was trying to say yesterday which was that l  thought that your quiz was fun and if you have the time, would you put together another one?

This computer and me are not good friends - I'm always pressing buttons and end up losing all my input.

Have a nice day y'all.