Memory foam bed

I have  just had a new mattress delivered , it is the softest of the memory foam range and will be a wellcome  aid to restfull sleep if I can remember where I put it.


lol ....i hope you find it Fed i have had one for a few years now highly recommend them

Good morning Shelly, I forgot to remember it was being delivered the next day and of course remembering thi s enabled a major improvement and reduction in forgetfullness ,as you can see I tend to be a bit silly at times, today I am being silly in a rented house near Selkirk in the scottish borders it has been very stormy but the view  from the  windows of this lovely house has being spectacular , watching the storms sweeping up the deep valleys is much better than watching telly the only thing to spoil things, well have a guess, yes folks good old  PD ,it just wont let me have more than one full day without a bit of fun with old fed , it simply bi passes the DUODOPA and gets stuck in giving me a good kicking, however I now have the means to fight back and can give myself a boost with Ddpa and within half a hour, I have pushed Parky back in the box , and there the beast will stay as long as I am vigilant  watchfull and look for the signs that warn of the horrible of horribles returning. Today we may have a run to the Glenkinchie Distillery , or a return to East Fortune Air Museum which is good,,,Ill get me coat.

Today I will be mostly eating Taramasalata.


Hi Fed

I hope you enjoyed your day  at the Distillery ,sorry to hear PD is giving you  a kicking ,Mr P  likes to play me up when i am in bed it plays havoc with my sleep anyway so usually end  up in bed around 4 am and after a few hours  i am  being woke up feeling has if frank bruno has given me a kicking  so afternoon naps are a obligatory part of my day , off to see the consultant soon so hopefully i can get a boost of something to help me get a good nights sleep for a change


Good Morning Shelly

Thankyou for replying, yesterday my family took me to the Glenkinchie whisky distillery  we had a good day though I had to pass on the free samples as even the smalles amount of alchohol  knocks me out, I am using my sons laptop as my own has gone to the great laptop in user in the sky , it is sadly missed. Today is a loveley sunny day and the forecast is good so I may attempt to climb the fellside behind this house if I can do it  It will be a massive achievement , we shall see. Last night a C130 Hercules flew past the house he was about 75ft above the valley floor , this in total darkness, no street lights we could just pick out his anti collision lights and flashing strobe lights I  watched as he navigated  around the fells until he disappeared ,amazing and as my main interest is Aviation and all aspects of, it made my day. On reading your post you suffer badly with sleep problems  I see, in fact  its like reading my own experiences do you have vivid dreams and night terrors I have entered a new phase , this ivolves my dear wife, she leaves me and having had one failed marriage these dreams are horrificily real its such a relief when I wake up , and of course our recent problems make me worry more, but all is well now and getting better. 

                                                           Best wishes        Fed

Night terrors no , very vivid dreams yes , my dreams have consisted of everything from me being hunted by the klu klux klan to me being a slaughter person  which was very disturbing to me as i am a animal lover and would certainly never harm a animal ,i have given up trying to make sense of my dreams , not sure if there down to medication as i am currently only taking Rasagiline  which i do tolerate very well but due a neurologist appointment soon so will mention them to him

Good Morning Shelly.  Last night I ventured into scenarios that normal humans avoid, I simply cannot write down my experiences as they are too horrific shameful or disgusting, why does my mind enter the gates of hell when I sleep,I am sitting here typing this post and I cannot stop shaking and feel ashamed , I know that will fade as the day goes on but I am now afraid of sleeping ,these hideous vile visions even attack when I try to snooze through the day, I know that they will only stop when I no longer exist , in other words the only way I can take out these demons is by taking out myself but dont worry I have no intention of giving in , I have endured this constant battering for many years and will continue to do so, my mind has achieved the toughness of tempered steel and I will not yield, there will be many more nights hopefully where I enter this parallel universe and survive , but it is very stressful when your body actually generates horror and rage and evil when it should be allowing respite from the real horror that is BLACKHEART.  I am home now after our Selkirk trip , things occured which blighted what should have been a chillout event, I can say no more on that either or repercussions will would be serious, however it seems  like my run of bad luck continues as over the last five weeks I have noticed subtle changes which are very worrying , onwards and upwards eh Shelly.              Kindest Regards   to all                      Fed

Good evening Fed

I do sympathise with you , as you say onwards and upwards , i try not to let the dreams bother me to much i always find i tend to wake up  before anything bad happens as in the case of the dream about being a slaughter person i  frightened myself into waking up , oh the tricks Mr P plays upon us , i know he has certainly give me a run for my money the last few days , to be expected i guess got to take the good days with the bad

Bad luck this side to Fed ,my partner decided he could not accept my PD so we split  , in the words of Catherine Tate ' am i bovvered ' no i am not i do not need people like that in my life .

Chin up Fed , things can only get better

Good morning shelly ,

Please forgive my slowness in replying to your post. I was saddened to hear of your trouble, its not a nice thing to happen and always  involves pain of a kind only applicable to  this situation, when my marriage destroyed itself I felt so alone despiite gaining custody of my girls.  Rest assured there will always be someone to chat to here, and you can always reach me on my profile if I can assist.        


Thank you for your kind words Fed , i have so much going on with physio and having to have splints for my legs. OT and  .Neuro appointments  i have not had time to sit down and mope about it which is a good thing really  , keeping me busy

Hello Shelly.    Thats the best way to handle the negatives PD throws at us,keeping busy.  I am in a better frame of  mind now, I hope it lasts , the terrible twins BLACKHEART and PD are ever watchful and I cannot drop my guard  I  must stay alert  in fact I need as many lerts as I can muster to stay on track.

            Sleep well                      Fed

Not a problem at all Fed.
I’ve worked it out that, as I can’t remember what I slept on the night before, it might as well have been the matress.
Ok, ok, but it was a tad funny