Memory Loss

Hi there,

My second post on here in the last year or so; my first one was shortly after my mother was diagnosed with PD and coming to terms with things.

One year in, and things have deteriorated, particularly in the last couple of months. While my parents now see a Parkinson's Nurse on a regular basis (thankfully providing some support to my father), they have reached an impasse around drugs. (In a nutshell, the Specialist has recommended another medication, but has pushed for an ECG before prescribing it, as it might have an impact on her heart. Mum's reluctant to do so because she thinks they're actually checking for cancer and, as a result, her health has taken a downturn.)

She has major mood swings, going from happy to crying for no reason that she can give us, and she is unable to communicate on any real level any more, chatting away quite happily to herself or to someone else in the room that only she can see (we turn the lights on and stand her up to alleviate the hallucinations). Her memory has reached the stage that she seems oblivious most of the time, taking direction about when she wants or feels from us, rather than being able to tell us what she actually wants.

The big heartstring moment I have had - and why I am posting this - was a few days ago; it was my dad's birthday, but mum was oblivious to this, not even commenting - or probably recognising - that it was anything other than an ordinary day, even when he opened and put out his cards.

Ordinarily, mum - my old mum, that is - would have been horrified that she had forgotten his birthday, and it was only when dad told me the situation (I was away at the time) that I thought I should have bought something on her behalf.

Have other people out there done similar things? Is it bad that I hadn't thought of it before?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I'm so sorry to be reading this.. My mum has memory loss and today she told me she was confused... I feel like I've been run down with a truck.. And so does she.

a hug to you and ur mum and dad.

It's so hard my hubby has had pd for 15 years sadly his mind in the last six months has got your mom he would be devastated by things he forgets.sadly for us we can only be there for them.take care of you and dad xxx