Memory problems at work

I am an engineer for a medium size company who also ask me to do the ordering for my department.I am able to do my job with relative ease. I take azilect and merapexin.
I can fix anything that is put in front of me,Work has been great allowing me to alter my start time to suit and giving time off for appointments and days when I cant move too well,but recently I have been having big memory problems.
especially when it comes to the ordering,I will get my boss an order number and then forget to fill the form in, or forget to book the part in when they arrive on site
sometimes I have orders parts and forgetting to raise an order number.
I came into work on Monday to a written warning for the problems caused by the order forms the letter stated it was Gross Misconduct and if it happens again I will be dismissed.
my question is with my memory failing how do I stop this happening again ??
is there medication to stop my memory going or simple exercises to help me
this is just my opinion from my own experience but I believe levadopa has more effect on 'executive functions' than DAs.

the scientific evidence is very confused but seems to come out that some executive function are sometimes helped by ld.i believe DAs help more with the movement problems. however temporal memory always seems to be a problem, by which i mean our internal calendar and alarm clock. for this i think external mechanisms are needed. ie diaries.
your boss is a **** however, i believe you need to speak to your union or lawyer.
I'm not an expert on employment law but I agree with Turnip - you need to get some advice and ideally from someone with good experience in medical issues/disability. I hope the following observations will be of some use to you.

There is an advisor on the Parkinson's UK helpline who specialises in employment issues. He is very good and I'd strongly advise calling and asking to speak to him.
Employers are compelled to make reasonable adjustments to your work to accommodate the effects of health conditions - I wonder if your employer is adjusting for the obvious physical effects of PD without acknowledging the other effects.
The memory issues you describe may be the result of Parkinson's or the medication but they could equally be caused by the stress of diagnosis or the massive added stress of a written warning.

I have the good fortune to work for a large and enlightened employer. The company has some excellent policies and some excellent HR people. All of this wonderful stuff can be neutralised if your first line manager fails to do his bit. In my case I have benefitted from contacting some of the senior HR people directly.

It may be that simple adjustments to your work will be enough to transform your situation. Something similar happened to me but a change of role and a different line manager has worked wonders for my mood & effectiveness.

Do not give up. Try to stay positive.

I realise my answer doesn't actually answer your specific question about medication but hopefully the Parkinson's helpline can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for your help with this matter :grin:
not sure why but my boss has had a total Uturn on the matter
they have got me a new ergo chair to help me feel more comfortable and a new smartphone loaded with lots of apps to help me with remembering things
so result
..[don marlon brando with cotton balls in his cheeks]
..justa rememba, one day da family might require a favour from you...
ps try some coconut, bounty bars are particularly useful for neural stimulation and plenty of water and some levadopa when you can. and breaks. and shorter days.
Hi Turnip, (like the name by the way, its how I feel sometimes!)

Does levodopa really improve memory?maybe I haven't given it chance yet, only been on it 2 months. as for coconut, id heard it was good for PD but not keen unless its very sweet. Bounty bars wont help my waistline, but is other coconut products any good? I'm still working at a p/t job which fills most days, I work from home, but I'm told I repeat questions etc.... cos I forget I've asked.
Any advice?
i believe levadopa helps the executive functions more than DAs, which are good for motor skills - thats from personal experience. selegeline seems to help a bit too.
i particularly like dried coconut flakes - not sure if available in uk. butter may have similar properties - not margerine!
ps one thing i think is affected by pd is our internal calendars - remembering appointments, if we've taken pills, putting the rubbish out etc. this can make planning tricky. also sorting things - putting clothes or dishes away, sorting out paperwork, weeding - can all be a strain. i think our abillity to quickly categorise things is impaired. unlike the socks - bad pun.
Here we go again with the irritating memory issue.
First of all on monday 8th april i went to a drs appiontment taking time off work to do so. Only to find out my appointment was for may the 8th. When i got back to work i was greeted with dissapointed looks and head shaking.
Now moving forward to monday the 15th of april i was doing shift cover but due to parkinsons i am al. owed to start work at 4 insted of 2, reducing my hours as i am working alone.
I got to work at 4 like i always do when covering to be shouted at by my boss telling me i was due to start at 2 and we had arranged this friday. I tried to explain that i didnt remember arranging and i genuinly had it in my head that a should not have been in till 4. only to be told that i did know and i was "taking the p--s". No matter what i said he was having none of it.
I spent the whole night aggitated by what had been said so much so it seemed to make my symptoms worse.
Is this just ignorance on behalf of my boss as im sure he just thinks parkinsons is a shaking disease.
How can i get it to him i was genuine. Is there any good litriture on the cognative aspects of parkinsons that i can give him to read
Sorry about my terrible spelling
might be useful.
i went to a meeting with my daughter's teacher a week early.
perhaps a personal organiser would help?
and a bit of science
Thanks Turnip
I have spoken to the Occupational therapist they send me to and he is going to try and speak to them about Executive dysfunction and the cognitive effects of Parkinson's on the memory and remembering dates and times