Memory Problems


My father is 59 and was diagnosed with PD in august after developing a resting tremor in his left hand. He has a few non motor symptoms inc depression/anxiety but has no slowness of movement as of yet. He's taking 1mg of azilect at the moment and he the depression/anxiety seems to be much better..

He does however have a terrible short term memory, constantly forgetting what he's done with things and things hes recently been told..

any information advice anyone can give me on the matter?
Hi Imagine,

I also have problems with short term memory and it used to worry the hell out of me however I've got used to it now. Medication can help but it can also make symptoms worse so it's important to take note of this and share your concerns with your Neurologist, PD Nurse or GP.

I notice my memory gets worse when I am due for medication. I can feel my thought processes slowing down and when someone talks to me they may get a delayed response. I often struggle for the right words to say when this happens.I also forget what I am doing from one minute to another especially if multi-tasking - I try to stick to one task at a time. I hate being rushed, I can't cope with the pace. I have to be organised or my mind feels like chaos. I also place my keys, mobile, medication, diary and glasses in a bowl in the middle of the table, that way I can find them.

Below is a useful link. Also you can search the forum for more topics about memory problems - just click on 'search forum' (side menu,top left of forum)

Best wishes
Hi Imagine,

I think Cutiepie has given some good tips, I find it hard to remember things especially when tired, due meds or trying to multi-task, I also need to take my time doing things or I start to panic which makes my concentration go completely.

I agree with Gill's comments 100 per cent. I need to think things through srep
by step and can't cope if I'm put under pressure in any way. It seems that many
PWP have this problem also.
I begin to rely on lists. I live in London and don't feel safe to go on the tube without writing the instructions for the journey and having them with me. I've lived in London since the early seventies, so I do feel a fool doing it!
Dear Imagine, I was so concerned about my memory that I got my GP to refer me to a memory clinic. I had tests done which concluded that my memory was OK but it gave me an opportunity to discuss the issues properly with a psychiatrist who said he thought I was depressed, and to understand how this impacts on the cognitive and memory function. I was lucky; He respected my decision not to take the antidepressants he prescribed, took time to listen and is to recommend me for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help me manage my feelings about living with Parkinson's in the long term. Be persistent in your search for help and dont pressurise yourself too much. Take care!
Chrissie W