Memory problems

Hello since starting to take my meds (ropinirole 12mg) or just a coincidence i have been having problems with short term memory, i can be doing something turn round to get something and i have forgot what i wanted so i have to turn back round look at what i was doing to remember what i wanted, has anyone experienced anything like this whether it be pd or the meds.




I take madopar and i have memory problems

I can remember and have flashbacks too memories of 20-30 or even 40 yr's ago as clear as day and i seem too visit them for some reason often, but short term terrible, as a example  my mother in convo asked me about what i had done and who i had seen that morning, i started telling her about the evening before, before i realised what i was doing i didnt know what i had done that morning.

Also often when i take my pills i often question myself did i just take them or not?.

The thing is with me this started before i was aware i was ill so i think it is the PD rather than a connection too the Pills itself, at work i couldn't remember the daily routine of the Job i was doing even though i'd been doing it for 14 yr's I didn't know what it was or why, it was frustrating for me as for the people i was working with not only that it was dangerous.

Hi thanks for the reply,                                                                                                                                        i have spoken to my gp about this and he said the condition or the meds can cause this issue they even sent me for a dementia test which i passed thankfully. i am due to see the neurologist at my local hospital for a follow up after diagnosis so i will put the question to them. fortunately its not effecting my memory in any other way so work is ok at the moment its more of an annoyance at the moment.


Hi Neil

I have memory problems as well I was on 16mg Requip xl but have now been taken off that and put on 1mg Azilect ,my problems started before dx as like sea angler I lost the ability to do my job of 40 years.

I'm now waiting to go for a memory test to see whats up.

     Live well     Cc

The problem is knowing the difference between what is simply down to my age or to my meds.

I'm almost 70 and my friends all claim  to have similar problems. I rather like the way PD keeps you guessing. Is my frozen shoulder......

is my vivid dreaming.......

is my driving any worse now than last year.......

I think you get my drift.






I'm 45 Banjo

My problems started before i had a name for them,tremor 15 yrs ago, vivid dreaming 3 yrs ago, memory problems, movement,slowing down 2 yrs ago all  before i knew what they were or associated with, until then i hadn't been too the doctors for 20 years.