NOt sure where to post this but.....Im having real problems remembering things that I learnt im my job before Christmas. Having had 2 months off I feelIve forgotten everything. saw the PD nurse yesterday, who refering me to an occupational therapist. Not sure what to expect from this. Any advice?
Hi JoyceBH
If you Google occupational therapy and Guardian, you will find an interesting article about how OT can help PWPs. A friend who is an OT says that they are often called in to help with physical problems, but they have lots of skills with helping you to manage daily problems, such as stress, memory loss etc.
Wonder if maybe part of your problem might be related to stress or depression? It’s very difficult to concentrate and remember when you are either stressed (because you are being judged by your manager etc) or actually depressed. Have you talked to a PD nurse or GP?

Hope it gets better soon.
Hi Joyce,

If its any comfort, for a good few years after I started teaching, after the six week summer holiday, as September loomed, I would feel quite panicky and that I would not be able to get back into the swing of things - where to start - like Manuel in Fawlty Towers I knew nothing, I checked with my classroom assistant daughter-in-law and she agreed she has the same feeling after a break. As you had just started a new job its naturally been difficult because you had not got to the stage of doing somethings without having to think too much about them.