Mental health


I was diagnosed June 2012 and thought I was coping but I wasn't ,my consultant Mr McPhee noticed this and it took me a year till I thought I was coming to terms with it.

the last week or so I have felt I am going backwards with acceptance,has anyone else felt like this.

my stumbles and falls are getting worse .but my hand tremor has all but disappeared.

my legs though have a mind of their own and don't do as they are told.

i was thinking of getting a scooter so I can go to the park with our dog and go a decent distance.

my legs are so weak as I have heart disease as well 

would it be too early for a mobility scooter


Hi gcy

Sorry to hear of your troubles. A pwp friend of mine has started to use a wheelchair to get out. She walks along leaning on it for a while, when that is too tiring she sits in it and uses her hands to push the wheels, when her arms ache up to walk again.......... and so on. She is a very determined lady and says the exercise does her good.



Hi gcy

i have similar issues , i was diagnosed with PD in August  but probably first noticed signs of tremors  3 years ago , had my first physiotherapy assessment  last week fully expecting some exercises for my painful shoulder , what i was not expecting was to be told both my legs are weak more so my left , and my toes do not do what i want them to ,if i stand straight like yourself i do tend to go backwards so i stand with knees bent to prevent this  but in doing so i am putting pressure on my hips and back  and have a lot of ankle and back pain when walking  and tend to stumble  as a result of this i am awaiting a referral to orthotics for shoes and splints that the physio hopes will help correct this


I have spoken to my GP about the scooter and he said don't rely on it ,but if it makes life easier at leisure go for it.

i won't use it around the village but I will be able to get to parts os parks which so far have been out of reach.

i will be able to get into my hobby photography