Merry Christmas!

thankyou emily,ihope u all have a wonderful christmas too and a ace new year,xx:laughing::smile::smile::smile:
Thank you for your good wishes Emily.

I hope you and the team have a great time over the holiday.
............."A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL"..........

Best wishes to all the friends I have made and to all the friends I have yet to meet.

Stephanie xx
merry xmas emily and a happy new year:smile::smile::smile:
Merry Christmas Emily and to all the PD staff who work for us so well

Anne & Bill
Hello emily
merry xmas to all Im sitting here sending all the best in .my santa costume inc white beard etc
hope every body has great time if possible
and once again

.happy new year to everybody who ive been contacted by.

santa the trikeman
ps I walked into my surgery this morning in santa gear and gave all the staff and doctors a laugh



(oops just had a reindeer tread on my foot!)
Good moaning Emily and all your lovely friends at the PDS,

I get excited on Christmas Eve, will Santa, won't he come. My 'kids' 26, married, 24 and 22 still put a pillowcase out and they still get 2 satsumas, socks, chocolate money and some odd bods. Rudolf gnaws his way through half a carrot (you can see his teeth marks) and Santa yet again devours the mince pie and whisky. Funny that!!!

I still wish for a cure though.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Christmas to you Emily and all who work for the PDS. I have found this forum invaluable. Thank you. xx