Merry christmas

merry christmas everyone:smile::smile:
has anyone got some ace plans going on over the festive season?:smile:
Hi Alij,

Happy Christmas to you and your family too!:grin:
Our son and I will be going down to the nursing home to have lunch with my husband and the residents, it's always stressful but we try to make the most of it. We have been down today and taken him out for lunch to a nearby pub lovely food but slow service.
I hope that you have a reasonable day with your family and have a bit of a jolly time.
best wishes
thats so nice vivian wot you and your family are doin for your hubby,then he not felt left out at this festive time.i no your such a lovley lady and love him to bits,i no your a very very good surport here on puk forum for others with pd and carers.and im very grateful for help you have given me.have a lovely time vivian,happy christmas x:smile:
Oh Alij, you bring a lump to my throat, I do wonder if I should shut up as there are so many pwp's who are new to this life, but I hope that they take my comments in the way I mean them to be an encouragement that there is life after pd.
You are one brave lady and I hope that next year will be kinder to you.
best wishes
Looking forward to spending some quality time with my grandchildren. Grandkids are great! All the joys of parenthood without any of the responsibilities. Christmas just isn't the same without kids around.
vivian,all members new or old would take all your comments on board.after all you are living your life ,under very hard conditons,and i think your a very brave lady as well vivian.x:smile:

christo,having grand kids are the best,wots the saying ,lovley to have erm but good to give them time is a wonderful time for kids,as im sure you no.if they the age to belive in santa even beter.have a brill time with them christo x:smile:
I am looking forward to the Festive Season although sadly no grandchildren but lucky I share my sisters :smile:Due to shakes and all, I will NOT be making Christmas Lunch and hubby plus 2 adult sons refuse to go out for lunch so they are going to do it :astonished: Whatever the outcome we will be together,so I am Very Lucky