Mervynpeake awards

ive never entered nothing in me life to do with art,i had pd 12 years in november ,im 43 ,im thinking about having a go though,but worried people may think me painting a bit childish but its best i can do cus of tremors,who else is entering? and if you have been before do you think its worth me going or will i be wasting me time and look bit silly.:smile:

Have a go,Ali, i send a painting/print every year and don't win anything, but I'm not upset.We are invited to donate our work to Parkinsons UK to save the cost of posting. You never know, perhaps the paintings will sell for millions one day, like Grandma Moses!! One can but hope. They have a number of my works I have donated, I don't know where they are hung, though.( In case you didn't know. Grandma Moses was an American primitive artist discovered in her 80s. Her pictures sold for £1000s Try Googling for images.)

that is a lovely thing to do with your paintings:smile:yep i no who you mean grandma moses,great stuff:smile:everyone back home keeps saying have a go ,no one will laugh,after all you have pd,you all have and some worse than others.i dont think they put you in catorgieys do they ,for say if u had pd 1 or 2 years,or 12 years?i will give it a go,you sound very positive about it all,i need to get me head togeather and try:smile:

Hi Ali,
Painting is similar to poetry,if expressed from the heart.What is within, release,there is no right or wrong.There is no good or bad.Let it go,enjoy yourself.Get lost in it,in the moment.The hours fly by.I used to paint watercolours.A few days ago I picked up artists brushes for the first time in ages,since before I was diagnosed with Parkinsons.However this time,I felt drawn to Oil painting.So I completed an oil painting from the soul,the troubled me.
The painting is probably rubbish to some,especially Art critics.Yet it has a special significance to me.It has a message within it,which is obvious only to myself.I have not pointed it out to my Wife.Like my poetry,it goes right over her head.
I would personally never enter the Mervyn Peake Awards.Or any awards.I find it rather superficial.Throw the names in a hat and pull out a winner sort of thing.However,it appeals to many.So give it a go.What is important though,is the personal satisfaction and enjoyment painting gives you.You don,t need acknowledgement or approval for that.
I have a theme in mind for my next painting,may even start today.
Take it Easel,
All the best,

thankyou so much for your post,it has givern me so much hope.your so rite do it from your heart,gives me some convidence.i understand when you say about the awards,it a bit scarey wot people would think.but im goin to go in to it ,ihope open eyed ,and taking part is the most important,it not mater were you come.:smile:

Hi Alij

Get those paint brushes working. Who knows, we may have a budding Picasso in our midst.
It is certainly not daft to think of doing something that will exercise your brain and body. Its just stupid if you do not give it a go. Get started gal and let us all know how you get on.
Best of luck


I am not sure why you are so snotty about the Mervyn Peake Awards , Titan. Surely they celebrate a can-do spirit

hi chunky and wrinklygran,i got me brushes out and pencils and having a go.we got till march to do wot we can and hand them in,so 6 months sound long time,but we got xmas in between ,so not as long as i think.i looked up the hotel on the internett and it does look posh.but ive read some peoples blogs and they had a wonderful iam now starting to look forward to it,but still nervoues meeting new folk.:smile:

Ali, do you know if it is possible to enter applique/embroidery/other craft work?

i think from wot i read on the website its photgraphy,paintings/drawings,and poetry mosie.i think we can put one in each catagory if we wont.[::smile::

MODERATORS;could you please let us no if im correct the above please,if you see this post.if not if anyone who has been to the awards or nows about it,could you please tell me if i have this correct,for mosie please thankyou :smile:

Hi ali j,
It's correct. Entries were invited this year in the categories of art (including painting and drawing), poetry and photography.

You can find out more about the awards on this website at:

I hope it helps.


It is suggested that furthe information about the 2013 awards can be obtained by e-mailing

[email protected]

I'll try it now

Sadly there has been a recent bereavement in the Peake family.
There is therefore a delay in planning the 2013 awards.

thankyou ezinda for the information you have givern us:smile:

iam so sorry to hear there is a bereavement,i send my condolences to the peake family x