Mesencephalic-Astrocyte-derived Neurotrophic Factor (MANF")"

From Amarantus Bioscienes: "advancing MANF as a disease-modifying treatment for Parkinson's disease continues to be our primary focus. We anticipate announcing interim results from on-going delivery experiments by the end of October. The Company is working to secure funding to advance MANF towards an Investigational New Drug filing for Parkinson's disease with the Food and Drug Administration."
at this rate we will be spoiled for choice - eventually!
thanks bartobob

so... this is a neuron protective naturally occurring protein produced by astrocyte glial cells in the midbbrain, going by the handy acronym, which stops cell death caused by the misfolding of proteins such as alpha-sync. and it is targeted to dopamine producing cells in the SN region.

sounds promising.

an obvious question then is - the alpha sync is still accumulating in the cell - will it still function or is it as good as dead anyway?

this might be the real thing folks - a drug that stops or at least severely retards cell death! there is so much going on something that is truly disease modifying can't be far off!!!!

Amarantus have now reported on their findings with MANF in the 6hydroxydopamine/rat model of PD. When MANF was injected into the substantia nigra and compared with another neurotrophic growth factor GDNF it not only substantially outperformed GDNF in removing symptoms but 6 weeks after treatment had,unlike GDNF,apparently restored damaged neurons.
what i find most encouraging is that this company should be able to attract funds - they have 18 years to make an awful lot of money before the patent runs out. long way to go from rats to Boots though.