Message from FedEx

FedEx has asked me to pass on his best wishes to everyone on the Forum. And a special mention to J of Grey Cottage, who travelled all the way from Canada to see him, earlier this year.

He hopes to join in the conversations again soon.

I should also like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and healthy New Year. xx


Thanks for passing on Fed's message. I'm not here as often as I used to be but I miss Fed's musings on the forum. Say hi from me if you are in touch with him.


Hi twinks 

               Have not been on the forum much myself recently and often wondered how FedEx was getting on, if your in contact with him would you please wish him all the best for me , and also a merry Christmas.

   Merry Christmas to you Twinks and the best new year.

      Live well. Cc

Have tried to find a discussion on cannabis, the taking of it, have seen the videos of selfbuild on you tube. getting desperate, lung infection from aspirating leading to weightloss, so feel got nothing to lose by trying this drug.. sorry to put this under such merry wishes for christmas, but unfortunately PD never goes away

Hi Chuck,

Sorry that you're having problems due to your lung infection and we hope it improves soon.

We do have an informative blog here: about cannabis and Parkinson's that you may find useful.

You can also use the search bar (top right) to read previous discussions about it but advice/tips on taking it is not allowed on these forums.

Please also feel free to call our Helpline on 0808 800 0303 for advice, they'll be happy to discuss anything that concerns you. There will be reduced hours until Tuesday 2 January and you can find the details here: Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Moderation Team