Just to let you know that, with the kind agreement of the moderators, I'm re-registering on the forum as Jellywoman. This is because I've just started a blog about my experience of being dx with PD under the username of Jellywoman and I can't quite cope with having two different aliases!

The blog is, by the way.

Thanks for all the support I've had from the forum so far. I'm now heading into the phone box to change.
Is it a birds custard?
Is it a plain chocolate mousse?
no! its Jellywoman!

you'd better not rely on phone boxes to change in - they are fast disappearing


ps - did you go to see Rob Deering?
jellywoman - not to be trifled with.

i've hundreds and thousands more where that came from....

jellywoman - ensuring evil-doers get their just desserts.
I scream
that's sweet
Hi EF - yes we went en masse on Tuesday. Had a great night. Did look for audience member in a beautiful pea green sieve but missed you. Thought Rob Deering really good and loved Ellis James. Much less sure about the getting-the-party-started guy. Just seen Tony Laws on Have I Got News but he seemed subdued compared to Tuesday. What did you think?
Turnip - groan!
sorry for delay in replying. I thought the comedy night was fantastic. Rob Deering was the best act but Ellis James was pretty sharp too.