Method found to bypass BBB


it would only be fitting as this might have been one of the routes pd gets into the brain in the first place!


This sounds least it will last longer.

it does seem that the main developments in the near future are with the delivery of existing drugs.

Goldengirl, does that link has something to do with BBB ?

Turnip, as far as I know there have been many studies about agents that could slow down and even halt PD but they gave no results on people because they couldn't pass the BBB. This method is the most important step for a cure. If you test agents on induced pluripotent stem cells and these agents show to slow down PD or stop it's progression, well then there you have your cure.

For example, curcumin:

But the problem of curcumin is that it doesn't pass the BBB very easily. Also many proteins that could cure PD don't pass the BBB. This method could solve the problem.

So for me, this news is maybe on of the most exciting ones in a long time.

Sorry Mister X!
I was trying to make the point that although the science of developments in the far distant future are of interest ,
There is a real likelihood that very soon,as Turnip appreciates, better methods of delivery will overcome some of the problems in introducing Levadopa-based drugs into the gut.
Much-improved slow release drugs and inhalers that allow the drugs to enter the bloodstream directly are very nearly ready for production.
They will make life far more enjoyable while we wait for the long-term developments which I find most interesting but likely to reach the market when we have no further need of them!