Methylene Blue

Does anyone have any evidence that Methylene Blue can be helpful with Parkinson’s. Has anyone taken it ?

I can’t find any human trials. There’s a few papers suggesting it might be neuroprotective for a variety diseases including PD. I wouldn’t recommend taking it, you have no idea what would be a safe dose or side effects from use and no evidence of benefit. I strongly suggest you talk to your neurologist before you try any unproven treatment.

I can understand the need to grab at anything that might help but there’s a lot of unproven snake oil out there. There are lots of trial going on at the moment. Have a look at ParkinsonsUK research page or do a search on the web. FrontlinePd is an example. Trials are a much safer way of helping finding new treatments.

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I wouldn’t recommend it-its limited legitimate medicinal use would appear to contradict any benefit for PD sufferers. Methylene blue is a MAOI [monoamine oxidase inhibitor] which may be contra indicated with other Drugs for Parkinsons