Michael j.fox sad news

i have just read mj fox  losing  hartbreaking fight against parkinsons .even he is beginning to see that his battle is a losing one .the artical says he needed help getting into car his speech slurred walks with a limp while dragging leg also has become reclusive & experts say my lose ability to walk & force him into a wheelchair this could happen before he turns 60.this brought tears to my eyes i think he has had pd about 25yrs also had brain surgery 1998 i have put this artical under treatments & therapies as he is the founder of mj fox parkinsons foundation raised millions of dollars trying to find a cure for all of us .andd i just like to say thank you and peace brother

That is so sad to hear, it has brought tears to my eye.

Dont know what else to say but love to him and his family,and keep fighting dont give in to pd fight.

                                                              LOVE Zo x

very sad news, it would be so easy to think that if he can't beat it then there isn't much hope for any of us. But we must take this as a call to arms and be even more determined to rid society of this terrible illness I for one will not give in easily even if it means i swear a bit more while doing it.


Is there a link to this article?? where can we read it?. Gus.

See here http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/michael-j-fox-battles-parkinson-disease-health-declines/

It's a celebrity click bait thing.  I am wary of this.


That's really bad news.  Always thought that "If he could do it, so could I"   but no-one can say he's not a fighter. I bet you he won't. stop fighting until he takes his last breath.

G-d Bless.




Oh right, got it now.

''Insiders & experts" but not him speaking for himself, so it's just speculation by nameless ?.

hi sea angler

                                i typed in parkinsons latest news in search bar scroll down mj fox , radar tells you about his self and him speaking out ! 


Kindly paste that link then Gus.. because all i got was you telling us about a article we cant find!. the only one i an find is the one that has already been pasted, "they, experts & insiders" isn't him speaking.



yeh your right sea angler it is same page just the bit that says ( even he can see its a losing battle ) my mistake .i would expect a reaction from mj fox about it very soon then if not true ! sorry again !


Nothing for you to be sorry about Gus I'm as interested as you are I think he would say something, he isn't shy in speaking, and use it for the better to be even more determined as that is it seems what his foundation is all about.

25yrs not to bad ,that will do for me untill i go in wheelchair need to put feet up then anyway.

That's a terrible article - speculation by idiot "journalists" who want to get a reaction. So what if he walks with a limp and drags his left foot? I drag my right! Has anyone bothered asking him how he feels?

I hate those "celeb" articles, most of the content is made up, the rest is just fluff.

It doesn't really matter where this source of information comes from.  It's a fact anyway and he is a very ill man.  I saw him on the telly a little while ago and he.looked bad then.

have a good day.



yes I do understand both outlooks on this subject I would have thought in time there will be news press from mj himself or from his foundation I would subspect myself most of it to be true tho there only so many routes you can go down with illness I think then it comes to a halt because of paperwork and safety .this why we need to rush new medication better so people who suffer can get there hands on.maybe to slow or halt the progression of pd.hope this makes sense not big on words. gus


belive me MJF would come forth if he himself  was in trouble.Over here in the states they spread a lot of stories just to sel scandal sheets.ou see it at the checkouts in stores,just got to laugh like we laugh at Trump.My feeling on him is he is a Trojan horse,haha.Democrats love him because if he wins their party nod it:s a shoo in for the Democrats,lol

I stay away from grave news because it is toxicto my nerves and PD also.

My secret for feeling good is Keep moving and be careful of the meds ,less is much better than more.

Hope you all over the pond have a wonderful day

Spring Is coming soon,the animals know it.



cheers john,

Hello Friends
       Unfortunately we all are stricken with this truly horrible diease which torments by seeming to back off the destruction derby in  our brains allowing a sense of false security, THEN  bang it returns with avengence paralysing pain  dyskinesia you  know the story,and you will all agree that MJF  has fought well and continues  to work  THE GOOD WIFE on channel  MORE4  on thursdays he is obviously having trouble and displays all the clues for those of us who are aware, of his struggle but  still he goes on and will not yield and that is  my philosophy , even when BLACKHEART is turning the screw and hell has come to visitt I will not take one step back  oh  I am terrified yes  and I want to run and hide the massive changes that have occured in my outlook and personalty are shocking but what choice do I have the things I held  most  dear taken  no  ripped  out  of my life and facing a bleak  future and  no Back to the Future possible I admire MJF  he is a battler  and that my  friends is our only way forward a fight  to  the bittter end                                        OTAN

don't spend all your time fighting it, enjoy the opportunities if and when they come along.

wise words