Microbiome tests and follow up treatment for a healthy gut

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons last year and am determined to explore every possibility to support my body’s ability to self-heal.
I’m interested in the links between securing a healthy gut ecosystem as a means to maintaining/improving brain well-being.
Has anyone managed to find a clinic which will undertake so-called “trans-poo-sions” for Parkinson’s sufferers, please?

Hi there no sounds v good idea !!! I’m taking Symprove

Hi Cm,

I am just into my fourth week with Symprove. How long have you been taking it? Have you noticed improvement in symptoms?
Many thanks

I’m about to try Symprove too so would be interested to compare notes

I’ve been taking Symprove for five weeks and it does seem to be helping. I have less constipation, although this is still a recurrent problem. My tremor has gone, which I find quite surprising, and I am noticing less wearing off between doses of Madopar. I’m also sleeping better than I was. I don’t feel completely confident that these improvements are due to the Symprove, since my symptoms come and go anyway and of course there is the placebo effect, but I feel the signs are positive enough to continue taking Symprove despite the eye-watering expense.

Hi. I have been drinking kefir for a year together with Madopar. I buy it from Chuckling Goat. They do a poo test to test your microbiome. I received the results which indicated that I was low in vitamin B9. Has anyone any experience of taking this supplement with these meds?

I have followed the Symprove programme. It certainly improves my constipation, but I stopped after 7 weeks as I had the feeling that my sense of balance was getting worse. Difficult to say if Symprove is the cause of this deterioration, but I certainly did not see any improvement.
Strangely, days 1 and 2 after the stop saw a very significant worsening of my symptoms .
to resume: the 7 weeks programme does not seem beneficial to me,
the cessation of the programme seems to further the deterioration.
What is going on?. Has anyone a similar experience?

I am 2 weeks into the Symprove programme and not sure if it is helping or not, but constipation and bloating seems to be improving and I generally feel happier. It could be coincidence, or placebo. Has anyone else had results, good or otherwise?

I’m interested that you experienced balance problems taking Symprove. I have had a similar experience. I’d had bad balance problems before I started treatment for Parkinson’s, but after physiotherapy and starting on Madopar, the problems went away. Several weeks into taking Symprove, I found myself tipping backwards occasionally, which was one of the problems I’d had before starting treatment. But I decided to continue with the Symprove anyway, and the balance problem went away. I’ve now been taking Symprove for three months and have no balance problems.

My other symptoms have significantly improved and I am definitely going to be continuing with the Symprove.