Midday flare

We've not been able to find an answer but I wonder if others suffer in a similar way?

For several months my mum has something 'come over her' each day by dinnertime.  She paces the floor restlessly, breathless with blurred vision, flushed face and staring expression.  In the past few weeks it can happen two or three times a day.  Her knock knee (right leg) and painful dystonia (left leg) don't help.

Things have been getting steadily worse since her left hip replacement about 4 years ago.  The consultant only said PD can flare and couldn't say for sure if the operation had stired things up.

I know it's hard to tell and are many symptoms, perhaps someone has experienced something like this.

Apologies if my post is at all unclear, I'm struggling with arthritis and firbromyalgia