Hi I've not been dignosed with PD . Have an appt this month to see if it s or.not. But my question really is . Does anyone find them self's doing strange things that you can explain why you do it but. Your.mind is telling you.to my daughters fund me funny and asked me what am I doing or ill say things that don't make sense also I've been suffering with a very dry mouth and toung which has affected my.speach . Does anyone else get this and IS this a symptom of PD . I know they can also be symproms of anything else but this is a new thing that's happened and I just feel a little bit at a loss . Thank you in advance

Hi. Tinkerbell

I have had PD for nearly three years now. I get a very dry mouth and feel as if my tongue has stuck when trying to speak. I was putting this down to my meds.

I was diagnosed after my gp referred me to a neurologist and he arranged for me to have an MRI scan and a DAT scan which confirmed i had PD.

Hope things turn out ok for you.

Take Care xx

Thank you. For.your reply